Summer in Cville

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The heat of summer in Virginia is upon us, and maybe it’s the delirium or a mirage, but the sinewy figure of Olivia Newton-John is crooning about summer lovin’, summer days, and summer nights, and we are all ears.

Summer in Cville is, let’s face it, hot and humid. But it’s also filled with the endless outdoors of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the bountiful indoors of refreshing beverages and treats.

We’ve compiled a list of our Summer in Cville Bucket List, complete with trips and treats to help you get inspired, or just find a water droplet or some central air, cuz we know, it’s hot out there.

Ten weeks left of summer, so get movin’ on that bucket list! Summer lovin’, let’s have a blast!

1. Burgers at The Farm

Because summer wouldn’t be complete without a perfectly grilled burger, hay bale seats, and live music on an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny patio. By far one of the best burgers we’ve had!


2. Music and Margaritas at The Tiki Bar

You don’t have to go to an exotic beach to get the tiki torch-lined margarita-sippin’ experience. That’s right, you can get all of that and more (live, local music) right in Belmont.

3. Ice Cream Sandwiches at Stonefire Kitchen

Because what is more perfect than quickly eating ice cream as it melts down your hand?! This little Barboursville gem is the perfect pit stop. Oh yeah, and they’re $2.50!

ice cream

4. Try out a new winery, Grace Estate

What better defines a perfect Cville afternoon than wine tasting? Check out one of the newest editions in the area, Grace Estate Winery.

5. BYOC (bring your own canoe) at Beaver Creek

Grab your oars and a few pals and head to Beaver Creek for a canoeing adventure! There’s nothing more beautiful than sunlight sparkling over the surface as you breeze across the water, catching glimpses of turtles slipping into the blue. A few glasses of wine will certainly add to the wonder.


6. BYOP (bring your own picnic) at Mint Springs

Picnic by a mountain lake? Swimming all day? Corn hole on the beach? All for a few bucks? Why are we even asking, this is the perfect summer spot!


7. Hiking at Spy Rock

One of the best views in all of greater Charlottesville. Standing in all your glory at the summit, scanning the miles of lands you see before you, wave your banner and yodel to the mountains! … and chug a lot of water, cuz you just hiked like a champion.

spy rock

Photo Credit: Melanie Dick

8. Make your own Kombucha

With the help of our handy DIY, make your own Kombucha from the comfort of your hopefully AC’d home. Refreshing ingredients and that tickle-your-nose bubbly is sure to cure your summer woes.

raspberry ginger kombucha © Cville Niche

9. Collaboration Beer at Champion

Champion is a well-known hub for not just deliciously brewed beers, but also for Cville’s mobile food court, a true testament to their local business collaboration. Check out their latest collaboration, the Belmont Beer, “The Neighborhood Beer,” starting July 26th.


And last but not least…

10. Take a dip at the swimming holes of Sugar Hollow

What’s a scenic drive up Garth Road, a hike in the woods of Sugar Hollow, and some seriously refreshing mountain water have to do to convince you to swing off a rope swing and cool off?! The water is calling, so stop sweating already and dive in.

swimming hole

—– Words by Linnea White, Photography by Katerina Diplas