The New Buzz of the Week

Posted on April 2, 2015 by


Our buzz of the week is getting a crowd sourced facelift, aka we’ve created a hashtag: #cvillenichebuzz!
There’s so much happening in Charlottesville, lets work together to get the word out. (check out tips below)
If you are hosting or excited about a cool, upcoming local event, add #cvillenichebuzz to your caption when you’re sharing it on Facebook and it’ll be added to our feed of local happenings! Keep in mind this hashtag feed is BEST viewed from your phone – so brevity is appreciated.


  1. You can share Facebook events or regular ole Facebook posts and photos that include information about an upcoming event or deal and just add this hashtag, #cvillenichebuzz, to your shared post
  2. Include the FULL DATE of the event in your caption – makes scrolling through a LOT easier
  3. This is a live feed so try to keep things relevant – only add this hashtag when the event is within 2 weeks of  when you are sharing
  4. BONUS: Tag @CvilleNiche in your #cvillenichebuzz Facebook post and you’ll get a chance to also have your event promoted on our Facebook page!

Let’s start sharing!

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