Concatenation at Cobble Hill Farm

Posted on October 24, 2012 by


“This is not like going to an art gallery,” says Italian artist Daniel Rossi, one of two artists responsible for Concatenation, a one-day art showing this Sunday.

That much will be obvious for visitors to the exhibition, as they are immersed in the artwork in an exploration of how people encounter art.

Rossi and Dutch artist Dymphna de Wild have chosen a historic barn in Staunton to showcase their art, “a series of large-scale mobiles, mixed media, illuminated sculptures and works on paper.” The barn influences the viewer as well as the art, as de Wild and Rossi committed not to change the structure or essence of the building. Rossi believes “it prompts you to tune into the details, to nature, and as a consequence to the art in this grand historical barn.”

The installation explores the concept of a chain reaction, which is evident in the mixed media and abstract paintings, drawings, and sculptures scattered throughout the barn.

You have one chance to see this one-of-a-kind installation, so don’t miss out! The showing is Sunday, October 28th from 3 to 8 PM on Cobble Hill Farm in nearby Staunton.

concatenation poster