First Fridays Buzzlet: September Edition

Posted on September 2, 2011 by


First Fridays is here, and that means the Cville Niche Buzzlet is ready to be your virtual roadmap!

From photography and paintings to clay and ceramics, the September gallery offerings are vivid and vast.

In this month’s First Fridays Buzzlet

Chroma Projects

"Long-winded Short Stories" {Robert Bricker}

City Clay Cville

Warm Springs Gallery

"Asobu, To Play Like a Child" {Noriko Maeda}

The Bridge: PAI

Circo mi Circo

The WVTF and Radio IQ Studio Gallery

"It's an Introvert's World" {Ellen Picker}

Les Yeux du Monde

Martha Saunders, "Howling Tracks," 2011 {Beeswax, pigment, ink, press type}

Check out the Buzzlet and chart your trip!