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Giovanni Kavota – Actor

November 8, 2014


Giovanni Kavota is planning on going from “Goodish” to great with his career in acting, directing, and writing. We were able to catch him for an interview before his film Goodish screens on Sunday at the Virginia Film Festival. As one of the lead actors, he is honored to be in a film that was selected […]

Brendan Rijke – Filmmaker

November 6, 2014


Brendan Rijke is the fourth year University of Virginia student filmmaker and director behind the film Fifth Street. Cville Niche caught up with Brendan to chat candidly about his passion for film, love for UVA, and his excitement for this year’s Virginia Film Festival. Be sure to catch his short film Fifth Street, premiering before the Festival’s […]

Local Musician Check-in: Susan Munson

August 28, 2013


Susan Munson is a veteran songwriter. She possesses the innate ability to write a song about any and everything. Starting with an idea or image, she converts it into a phrase, and transforms that into song lyrics that anyone is able to understand. THAT, my friend, is a songwriter, and Susan’s songwriting will blow you […]

Local Musician Check-in: Tara Mills

August 14, 2013


Tara Mills has been been playing in and around Charlottesville for quite some years now. Mills and her recent endeavor Yankee Dixie are a fine-tuned bluegrass that will make you stomp your feet, laugh out loud, and even shed a tear. Just as their name suggests, Mills and her group represent a love for “original […]

Local Musician Check-in: Luke Wilson

July 24, 2013


Luke Wilson is the definition of down-to-earth. Singer, songwriter, musician, friend, and brother (he is the 4th “SON of Bill”), Luke plays music for the enjoyment of bringing songs to people. In an attempt to shine some hope and distraction from everyday life, Luke plays his music knowing that it’s more than just strumming a […]

Local Musician Check-in: Carl Anderson

July 10, 2013


Carl Anderson is one of THE most skilled lyricists I know. When accompanied with the talent of matching said lyrics with some homegrown folk tunes, the result is a melodious platter of soul food songs, hearty and pleasing, yet sometimes overwhelming (in a good way). Anderson writes with such ingredients as fathers, lovers, mistakes, hopes […]

Local Musician Check-in: Ashley McMillen

June 26, 2013


Have you ever sat in a coffee shop, wide-eyed, watching a musician live and all you can think is “Wow! They’re gonna be famous someday!”? Last year, I experienced that moment when I saw Ashley McMillen in the upstairs of Para Coffee. Now, mind you, my Pandora and Spotify playlists have near-to-no trace of Country […]

Local Musician Check-in: Lord Nelson

June 19, 2013


“Rural Rock from the Blue Ridge”: that’s the slogan for the Americana rock band, Lord Nelson, born out of the rolling hills of Nelson County. If you haven’t heard of them yet, Lord Nelson has been making people get up and move at just-outside-of-town hot spots such as Fardowner’s – West in Crozet – and […]

Local Musician Check-in: Michael Coleman

May 29, 2013


Michael Coleman has been a new showstopper in the Charlottesville songwriter scene, yet no stranger to the Cville Niche crew, playing here, there, everywhere! Frequenting The Local’s Monday night songwriter’s circle, Michael commands the crowd’s attention with the first melodic line he croons from the windowed storefront. Whether singing solo with his guitar, or backed by his […]

Local Musician Check-in: Sam Cregger

May 15, 2013


Sam Cregger may be a new voice in the Charlottesville local music scene, but his is a voice to look out for. Hailing from the metropolis of Arlington, VA, his indie folk song vibe fits perfectly into the Cville music scene, and now he even writes on a farm. Here’s a little Q&A we had with […]