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Local Musician Check-in: Moby and the Dicks

August 27, 2014


These fellas ain’t dickin’ around. They mean business when they take the stage. You’ve probably heard them play at Rapture, The Jefferson Theater, Brews with a View, or The Southern, but if you haven’t experienced a performance by Moby and the Dicks, you’re missing out. They’ll have you dancin’ and whippin’ your hair around in […]

Local Music Follow-Up: Erin & the Wildfire

August 13, 2014


The four bands who performed that night stood jittery on the stage of The Jefferson Theater, sweat seeping through their pores as they anxiously awaited the results: Who won the spot to play at the Lockn Festival? Compliments and praises were given to each of the bands – People’s Blues of Richmond, Erin & the Wildfire, The […]

Local Music Check-in: Erin and the Wildfire

July 30, 2014


If you haven’t been graced by the sound of Erin Lunsford‘s soulful voice, you’re missing out. She and her band, The Wildfire, featuring guitarist Ryan Lipps, drummer Nick Quillen, and bassist Matt Wood, encompass all that is rock, folk, blues, and soul. At any show, from start to finish, you’ll be covered in goosebumps as Erin’s voice permeates the room. […]

Food Check-in: Red Pump – A Tuscan Kitchen

July 21, 2014


As someone who lived in Italy for over two years, it is safe for me to say that Red Pump Kitchen is the piece of Tuscan flare that Charlottesville was missing. The beautifully decorated, intimate environment is the perfect place to stop in for a uniquely created cocktail at the bar, or to gather friends and family around […]

Sweets Check-in: My Chocolate Shoppe

July 7, 2014


Ever since I was little, my favorite smell has been the sweet scent that hits one’s nose upon walking into a candy shop: creamy chocolate mixed with the soft scent of sweet and sour candies. Nostalgia struck when I first walked into My Chocolate Shoppe, and the child in me became giddy at all of the chocolate and […]

Checking in with Oakhurst Inn

May 30, 2014


Whether you’re vacationing to Charlottesville, or looking for an in-town stay-cation, look no further: the Oakhurst Inn will act as your perfect home away from home. The Oakhurst Inn, Charlottesville’s newest boutique hotel, provides an experience that is both cozy and luxurious, wrapped in that comforting sense of community. I had the chance to sit down with Phillip St. Ours, […]

Food Check-in: SALT Artisan Market

May 16, 2014


Thinking about spending your sunny Saturday afternoon touring Monticello and Ashlawn, or sipping wine at one of the gorgeous vineyards long Thomas Jefferson Parkway? Well, you’re going to need some snacks and sandwiches to go along with your scenic tours and Virginian wine, and SALT Artisan Market will prepare the perfect picnic for you! Barrett Hightower and Rani Morris […]

Cheers Check-in: Early Mountain Vineyards

April 7, 2014


Breathtaking views and distinctly Virginian wine. That’s what you’re missing if you haven’t been to Early Mountain Vineyards. Early Mountain Vineyards has an abundance of delicious and complexly flavored wines that are distinctly Virginian, as well as a gorgeous property stretching over 300 acres, which makes for a great range of entertaining environments with event spaces ranging […]

Public Fish & Oyster: “The Niche That Cville Needed”

February 24, 2014


Charlottesville’s newest eatery brings us seafood so fresh that upon your first bite, you feel as though you’re in a quaint, waterfront restaurant on a bay in Cape Cod.  As soon as you walk in the door, your mouth begins to water at the sight of the oysters and clams resting on their bed of ice, […]

Cheers Check-in: 22BRIX Wine Room

February 17, 2014


With Cindy’s “big picture” point of view and Cody’s eye for detail, this mother-daughter duo created a quaint wine shop, 22BRIX Wine Room, distributing their family-made wines from Ankida Ridge Vineyards. Thanks to their family tradition of carrying the lucky number 22, as well as their love and passion for wine, Cindy and Cody made […]