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Local Musician Check-in: Thomas Dean

May 5, 2014


Even if you have never met Thomas Dean, it would be hard to find any music lover in this town who has not been touched by his art, be it of the visual or aural persuasion. In fact, Thomas is the man behind much of the artwork most thought of when thinking of many local […]

Local Music Venue Check-in: Main Street Annex

April 9, 2014


In a city with no shortage of music halls and bars touting live music, the last thing anyone might think to do is start another venue, but that is exactly what Jayon Falsini did last year when he opened the Main Street Annex. “The space was offered to my booking and promotional company Magnus Music […]

Local Musician Check-in: Adam Smith

March 26, 2014


For Adam Smith, music is life. On any given day of the week, you are likely to catch this curly-headed man taking in a show at the Tea Bazaar, DJing a dance party at Mono Loco, or opening for a national act at The Jefferson with one of his many projects. Given all the musical […]

Local Music Venue Check-in: Tea Bazaar

March 12, 2014


Most of us in Cville have been to a show at the Tea Bazaar. You probably bought the ticket to see a friend’s band open for someone you had never heard of and wound up staying until the end because that band turned out to be awesome. For Amanda Laskey, Booking Agent/Promoter for the Twisted […]

Local Musician Check-in: Hicham Benhallam

February 19, 2014


Since forming last September, Post Sixty Five has exploded onto the Charlottesville music scene, working hard and playing show after show after show to establish themselves on a terrain already saturated with serious talent. Their hard work seems to have paid off, with their shows drawing sizable crowds to local venues such as The Southern, […]

Local Musician Check-in: Rob Dobson

February 5, 2014


Rob Dobson is no stranger to the Charlottesville music scene. You may remember him (fondly) from the now defunct Fire Tapes, who disbanded suddenly after the release of their acclaimed sophomore LP Phantoms, leaving fans and critics alike in disbelief. Now Rob has turned his attentions to a couple of new projects, one of which is the reincarnation […]

Local Musician Check-in: Mark Coffman

January 8, 2014


By day, he is the über-knowledgeable and friendly beer and wine salesman at Whole Foods. By night, he is the frontman of From Here On Blue, a 4-piece outfit that has been playing self-described “epic American Rock ‘n’ Roll” in Charlottesville since 2003. You may have seen him and his band win the Crowd Favorite Award […]

Local Musician Check-in: Jonathan Teeter

November 27, 2013


For a decade now, Austin, TX transplant Jonathan Teeter, known fondly by friends as Teeter, has been a part of the Cville music scene, be it as a super-fan of the now defunct Astronomers, a member of his own similarly now defunct band Co-Pilots, or any of the other numerous musical projects this man has […]

Local Music Venue Check-in: The Southern

November 13, 2013


Even in a town with such a thriving music scene as Charlottesville, venues come and go. We have seen the Satellite Ballroom, Gravity Lounge, and Down Under all go the way of The Beatles—extinct, but fondly remembered. Since 2009, The Southern has been a sentry of the Downtown Mall music scene, so when it changed […]

The Explorer: Film Fest Picks for the Adventurous

November 6, 2013


If you fancy yourself a fearless film-goer, have an I’ll-see-anything-once attitude, or just want get the perfect little taste of what the VFF has to offer, fill your canteen with soda and stock up on your popcorn rations, because you are the Movie Explorer. And, please, allow us to introduce ourselves: we are your Film Festival […]