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Brian Wimer – Filmmaker

November 5, 2014


Last year, he was a gay werewolf in Faux Paws and a filmmaker for the documentary CLAW.  This year, he’s behind the camera again as director for Karate Tango, screening Saturday at Regal. Local filmmaker Brian Wimer keeps himself quite busy. From keeping a day job to curating the IX Art Park, Wimer is a driven, wildly imaginative […]

Derek Sieg – Filmmaker

November 3, 2014


This week, the Virginia Film Festival will once again bring Cville to life, from the hum of crowds entering and exiting screenings to the pop of corn inside theaters. The spirit of film lovers generates an infectious buzz from the Downtown Mall to the University’s Grounds. The Virginia Film Festival 2014 is guaranteed to bring […]

Dressing Up with The Yellow Button: Falling for Boho

October 31, 2014


Looking for chunky sweaters, boho cardigans, and fall dresses? The Yellow Button, a whimsical bohemian boutique, is Cville’s newest clothing destination. Located at Stonefield, this boutique will make you fall for boho. Store owner Miranda Lancaster opened the shop in early September, in addition to the original Harrisonburg location. For our first Dressing Up with […]

Dressing Up with jean theory: Falling for Basics

October 17, 2014


Fall requires three key pieces – versatile boots, wear-everyday denim, and a cozy, warm cardigan. Luckily, you can find these fall pieces and much more at jean theory on the downtown mall. Jean theory will have you falling for basics and pining for must-have closet staples, from the perfect basics – like the SNUG tank […]

Inside the Artist’s Studio: Elaine B Jewelry

October 15, 2014


Mountains of circles, rows of earrings, stacks of metals. Inside the artist’s studio, local jeweler Elaine Butcher sits in the natural light amongst a bevy of geometric shapes. Her jewelry line, Elaine B Jewelry, infuses edgy shapes and with everyday, wearable designs. Her pieces can be found in stores in Cville, such as BitterSweet, and around the […]

Fitness Check-in: IronWolf Training

October 10, 2014


Two days ago, I walked into IronWolf Training with my head held high, ready to embrace the “pack mentality” and iron spirit at Laura Conklin‘s Charlottesville gym. From plyometric step ups, wall sits, and one leg squats to kettle bell swings, ring rows, and one arm cleans, the circuit style class was a butt-whoopin’ served […]

Dressing Up with Darling: Coffee Shop Chic

October 3, 2014


A year ago, the Dressing Up series was conceived as a collaboration with shop owner at Darling, Elizabeth Steel. Now, the Dressing Up series includes four regularly featured boutiques with many more collaborations in the wings! How perfect then that this weekend Darling is celebrating their own anniversary. Celebrate Darling’s 2nd Birthday with a sale […]

Fashion Friday: Tom Tom Mixer for Cville Creatives

September 26, 2014


The Cville fashion community is inspiring and aspiring, from boutiques and designers, to stylists and jewelers. Tom Tom Fest hopes to bring together this thriving community at the Fall Block Party’s Creative Mixer. “Fashion, style, and self-expression are at the core of what makes Charlottesville special, and what Tom Tom strives to celebrate,” said Tom Tom Fest marketing representative Carolyn […]

Dressing Up with BitterSweet: Fall Layers

September 19, 2014


Feel that? Fall is in the air. Nights are crisp, days are warm, and it’s time for fall layers. Good thing BitterSweet is packed with fall essentials, including a collection of Frye boots. From cozy sweaters to throw-on jackets, BitterSweet is your one-stop-shop for a new fall wardrobe. To showcase some of the fall pieces available […]

Dressing Up with Duo: Back to School in Style

September 5, 2014


September 1st has come and gone, and University Avenue is buzzing with students once again. Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be all knee-length skirts, varsity jackets, and oxfords. In fact, it can and should be a little bit edgy and a lot a bit versatile. Right around The Corner on Elliewood Avenue, Duo […]