Checking in with the Locals : Ally Pamer

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Photo courtesy of Ally Pamer

Ally Pamer

This gorgeous local gal is a jack of all trades, from calligraphy to film to yoga. Check out her local picks, and her local talents!

Describe what you do in town.

My calligraphy business, Thick and Thin, launched late last year, and I have had the privilege to work on everything from wedding suites, custom art pieces to some editorial work for the USPS.

While my film career has varied from a short-form documentary for Levi’s to several Food Network web series, I am currently co-producing my first feature-length documentary with another Charlottesville local, Rob Douglas.

Lastly, I am currently getting my Yoga certification and hope to begin teaching yoga in the Charlottesville area soon.

Describe yourself in 5 syllables or less.


A favorite dish in town.

My favorite dish in town would be the Papas Bravas at Mas in Belmont. They are perfectly spiced potatoes garnished with aioli and Maldon salt. I love how tastefully cooked they are instead of deep-fried, and they pair very well with a glass of red wine.

A favorite local gallery/venue to see art.

Second Street Gallery is my favorite local gallery to see art. My husband and I try to make it a point to visit all of their exhibitions either on First Friday or during the day while we enjoy a coffee together. I especially admire Tosha Grantham’s brilliant insight and pairings as a curator. I highly suggest hearing her speak about the art and the intentionality behind her curation because it’s simply inspiring.

A favorite local music venue.

My favorite local music venue is the Jefferson Theater located on the Downtown Mall. I love the space because it’s small enough to facilitate an intimate environment but large enough to avoid feeling overcrowded. The architecture is rich with history and beautifully ornate creating the perfect frame for the musicians you love. My favorite show at the Jefferson was Phantogram because their stage presence was incredibly magnetic.

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