Tuning In with 2sly

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Ashley Miller, aka 2sly, has been producing music since he was in high school. So, when he starting playing on an acquaintance’s turntables during his sophomore year of high school, DJ-ing seemed like a logical next step.

Ashley Miller (Photo by Adrienne Eichner)

Nowadays, Miller says that when he’s not playing music, he’s not awake. He is always checking out his Soundcloud feed and heading to shows and festivals to check out new music to spin for his sets. He’s been making regular appearances at Yearbook Taco, where he’ll play the first Saturday of each month.

He spins mostly hip hop, moombahton (a fusion of house music and reggaeton), breakbeat, and drum and bass music, and has put together a playlist titled Latenight Cuts.

“I leaned towards drum and bass here because I like it the most,” says Miller, adding that it’s great for late-night dancing. “A few cuts are just for the cheek. ‘Prom Night’ is an amazing piece of music, but it’s got a bit of a campy factor, so it’s more approachable. Riff Raff I threw in because, well, and I quote, ‘I’m good at mathematics, mother*uck subtraction.’ Plus, the production is pretty sick.”

His favorites here, though, are the Upbeats and Llamatron tracks.

Miller gets a rush from playing music for a live crowd. He says he loves “the thrill of having to hold a song in place because you couldn’t beat match it exactly in time, and you’re just praying you can smooth it out by riding the label. Or trying to pull off a complicated tempo change while also trying to talk to the ladies who were sure they picked the right time for a song request.”

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