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Will Overman plays a gig

Will Overman plays a gig. | Photo by Greg Bishop

Will Overman was about nine years old when his dad turned 40 and decided that both guys should learn an instrument.

“Music had always been an important part of our relationship, and I was blessed to have parents who shared their knowledge and appreciation of music with me,” explained Overman. “So my dad and I reckoned, Why not make music together?

The elder Overman picked up the guitar and the younger Overman the cello, but he soon switched his attention to the guitar and mandolin.

“I started writing crappy songs full of way too much teenage angst,” added Overman. But, he’s been writing and singing ever since. “I started playing music for the same reasons others do: Music makes me feel, be that good, bad, or in-between, and I want to share that.”

Overman moved to Cville about a year and a half ago and has been playing with Will Overman Band bandmates Daniel McCarthy (guitar and banjo), Brittney Wagner (vocals), and Christopher Helms (drums) since the Spring of 2014.

The Will Overman Band

The Will Overman Band (Overman is second from the left, in the plaid) | Photo by Echard Wheeler

The band considers its sound Americana-folk, but, says Overman, “since Americana is just about the most vague musical genre of all time, we leave that for listeners to decide.” They’ve been compared to the Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell, the Decemberists, and even a young Bruce Springsteen.

The Will Overman Band has been playing gigs in and around Charlottesville, recently playing a sold-out show at The Parlor on Granby in Norfolk, Virginia, for their CD release party.

“It was one of those nights where everyone sounded great and we all felt like we were on cloud nine,” added Overman.

That sort of gratification is one of Overman’s favorite things about making music. He loves sharing his art with others and seeing their reactions.

“No other art form achieves the instant satisfaction and assurance that music does. I sing my words on a stage, and the people listening either feel it, or they don’t. And that’s a gamble I’ll keep on taking.”

Overman put together a lengthy (22-song!) playlist as diverse as his musical influences—here, you’ll find everything from Springsteen to Sigur Rós—to lend some sonic sparkle to these last few weeks of winter.

And when he’s not making music (and creating playlists), Overman is watching Netflix. Currently in his queue: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bob’s Burgers, and Peaky Blinders.

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