Checking in with the Locals: Megan Tiernan

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Charlottesville is a city filled with local-loving people, and a spirit of community and collaboration unlike anywhere else. Every week, Cville Niche celebrates that spirit by featuring a local’s top picks.

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Photo by Scott Tiernan

Photo by Scott Tiernan

Megan Tiernan

This Michigander transplant has a big vision and an even bigger heart. You can find Megan, one of the new owners of Darling Boutique, at 105 S 1st Street on the Downtown Mall starting March 2nd!

Describe what you do in town.

I have been one of the fashion photographers for the Dressing Up Series for Cville Niche. This has been a great experience in being able to collaborate with local retail businesses and capture the many different creative aesthetics one person can have in what they wear.

Darling is a growing small business in the heart of Downtown Charlottesville, and I am blessed to call myself the new co-owner alongside the wonderful Linnea White. Darling is currently a consignment store that is filled with classic, bold, and stylish pieces. Consignment allows you to get rid of clothing that you used to love and find new pieces that you feel beautiful in.

In the coming months, we will be incorporating local artisans and justice-based mission brands. Each purchase at Darling will have either a local or a global impact. Darling will provide a network of women helping women within Charlottesville and across the world through consignment, local artisans, and global impact brands. My hope for Darling is to encourage women of all ages that they are beautiful and unique in their own skin. Stop by the shop to say hello!

Describe yourself in 5 syllables or less.

Jovial Ardent

Top Picks

A favorite drink in town.

My all time favorite drink in town is an Americano from Milli Joe. It makes my taste buds and my soul happy. Milli Joe is a very special place to me… I met by husband there (& he even proposed to me there), and have made many great friendships from random introductions at Milli Joe.

A favorite local musician.

My favorite musician is obviously my husband, Scott Tiernan. He is the best singer/songwriter here in town, although some may say I could be a little bias. He has a new album coming out in April, and ya’ll should keep an eye out for it because it is amazing!

A favorite local artist (any type other than musician).

I love seeing Tomboy Creative‘s art work (Lexi Hutchins). Wherever her paintings are, I will be there. Her paintings are calming and yet filled with color. There is a perfect mixture of both and they leave you captivated.

A favorite local shopping destination.

Darling Boutique, duh! 😉