Tuning In with Megan Sharp

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The Tuning In series aims to expose you, dear listener, to music that you haven’t yet heard, and to make old favorites new to you again. It is about sharing the songs we love and will come to love.

Megan Sharp

This week’s playlist comes from Megan Sharp, a trained opera singer who currently serves as music director of Westminster Presbyterian Church right near the U.Va. Grounds, and as director of early music vocal ensemble Zephyrus. Along with her husband, organist Jonathan Schakel, Sharp also performs organ, voice, and harpischord concerts at St. Paul’s Memorial Church and with the Wednesday Music Club. Sharing music with others is what she does.

“Music is the constant in my life,” says Sharp. “It is how I earn my living. It is what I share with as many people as I am able. It is a means of communication with others.”

Sharp began performing in musical theater productions (and thus began communicating through music) when she was a child, but says that she didn’t get serious about singing until her teens. “As I thought more about classical singing, I imagined that it would be really fun to have the drama of musical theater with more serious music. It just made sense for me to look to opera for that dramatic expression of classical singing.”

She hasn’t performed any opera since moving to Charlottesville with her husband and their son about nine years ago, but as she puts it, her “musical plate has been pretty full the last nine years.” So full, in fact, that outside of rehearsals, performances, and car rides, Sharp doesn’t listen to much music at home. “After spending so much time listening while I work, I just need a sound break at home.”

Perhaps those precious moments of silence allow Sharp to hear better when she needs to.

Sharp’s playlist is perhaps the most musically diverse we’ve shared so far, featuring songs from Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss and compositions from Johannes Brahms and others. The tunes may be different, but, says Sharp, “they all move me in some way.”



If you want to catch Sharp in action, she’s easy to find. Check out the music schedules for the following groups:

Westminster Presbyterian Church

St. Paul’s Memorial Church

Wednesday Music Club

Zephyrus (upcoming concerts in May)

(Writer’s note: Zephyrus is extraordinary; the vocal concerts will give you goosebumps.)

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