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Giovanni Kavota is planning on going from “Goodish” to great with his career in acting, directing, and writing. We were able to catch him for an interview before his film Goodish screens on Sunday at the Virginia Film Festival. As one of the lead actors, he is honored to be in a film that was selected for the festival, and here we hear how he got started and where he’s planning on going.

Photo credit: Callan Holderbaum

Photo credit: Callan Holderbaum

Giovanni Kavota

Share your story. How did you get into film and acting?

Funny story, I found my passion for acting the summer before my senior year of high school when I was told that I wouldn’t graduate without an art credit. The Art 101 class was already filled and luckily theatre still had an open slot – things sort of snowballed from there. The summer of my senior year I was doing a small role in a short film and by my second year of college I was hooked.

In terms of how I got into film, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work only with people I can learn from or have fun with, and eventually I meet or audition for someone who’s looking for the same thing.

What drove you to pursue a career in acting? Talk about your passions and any advice you have for the next generation of actors.

I am the next generation of actors, so that’s a tough one. I’m only 23 years old, but if I had to give anyone advice it would be to embrace failure. Samuel Beckett says, “Fail, fail again, fail better.” Don’t let failure stop you from doing the things you want. Being willing to fail and learn from it will open more doors than doing nothing. This mentality has opened me up to tackle my passions in directing and writing, as well as acting.

Describe your relationship with the Virginia Film Festival, in years past and/or in the current 2014 festival. How many Virginia Film Festivals have you attended? What is your favorite VFF memory?

This is my first year at VFF but filming Goodish was like camp to me and seeing everyone for the premier is going to feel like a retreat, so I’m looking forward to creating that memory.

What sets the Virginia Film Festival apart from other film festivals?

You’ll have to get back to me on this one after I get to experience it. I’m from Hampton, VA but I don’t get to go back to my home state often so, it already has that over any other festival I’ve attended.

Finish this sentence (be creative!). Acting to me is…

Playtime. What’s the point of doing something this self-indulgent if you’re not having fun?

What films are you excited about seeing this year at the Virginia Film Festival?

This is weird, but I’m excited to see Goodish. It’s been soo long that I’m sure seeing it for the first time, I’ll be just as surprised as the audience members not involved in making the film.

Where do you go for a quick bite in Cville between screenings? Where do you go for a post-film screening drink?

N/A, I’ll probably ask someone and go to wherever they recommend, if it sucks or I get food poisoning, then I get to quietly hate a stranger, and a fun story, but if it’s great then my faith in humanity is restored. Win-win.