Tuning In with Gina Sobel

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Gina Sobel is one of Charlottesville’s most versatile musicians. She sings, plays flute, saxophone and guitar, and her music explores jazz, folk, rock, and many other genres. “I explore a lot of genres and try to have them feed off of each other and inspire my playing and composing in new ways,” says Sobel.

Photo credit: Tristan Williams

Photo credit: Tristan Williams

All of these instruments provide Sobel with enough material for two main musical projects: she recently released a jazz album, Zoology, recorded with a band of local musicians, Jonah Kane-West, Kris Monson and Daniel Richardson; and she fronts a rock band, Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine.

“The first style of music I seriously studied was jazz,” says Sobel, “and that’s a constant thread throughout my playing—through all the folk, rock and other styles I’ve explored.” In fact, Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine is “mostly made up of jazz musicians,” playing rock music and, as Sobel says, “bringing it all together.”

While on tour with the Mighty Fine this summer, Sobel played some pretty memorable gigs. Her favorite, she says, was at the renowned Mercury Lounge in New York City, where many big New York bands got their start. “We got to showcase new music we had just written and play for new people, on an epic and legendary stage. It was so cool!” The show was about a week into the band’s tour, when, says Sobel, “everything was really locked in.” The next night, the band played another, smaller show at a different venue in the city, where the only people in the crowd were the next band – who dug the Mighty Fine’s tunes—and the swarthy venue staff. Sobel says it was a totally different show, “a strange vibe, but still fun.”

Sobel took a few minutes out of her busy recording schedule to put together this week’s playlist, featuring a true feast of musical genres. “This playlist is music I’ve been listening to lately, that I can’t get enough of,” she says. I actually, really can’t stop listening to this stuff!”

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