Inside the Artist’s Studio: Elaine B Jewelry

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Mountains of circles, rows of earrings, stacks of metals. Inside the artist’s studio, local jeweler Elaine Butcher sits in the natural light amongst a bevy of geometric shapes. Her jewelry line, Elaine B Jewelry, infuses edgy shapes and with everyday, wearable designs. Her pieces can be found in stores in Cville, such as BitterSweet, and around the country.

It’s not every day a talented artist opens the studio to guests, but Elaine is known for hosting open studio events and sample sales in her studio space on the corner of High Street and Altamont Street. Stop by her studio next Thursday, October 23rd, from 4-8pm, or Friday, October 24th, from 12-4pm, for a special Open Studio DIY event in collaboration with local screen-printer and musician Thomas Dean.

Photo by Meredith Coe

Photo credit: Meredith Coe

Elaine B Jewelry

Describe your art and/or artistic process in 10 words or less.

Ideas come to life, or not, in the studio.

Explain your artistic process, from conception to materials and techniques. Where do you find inspiration for new pieces and designs?

I get inspiration from everywhere – architecture, dreams, other people’s jewelry, etc. Then I take those ideas into the studio and tinker around some, cutting, hammering, sanding.

Pieces rarely end up quite like you envisioned them, but that’s the beauty of experimentation.

I love metal, but I love all craft and work with many different materials.

Take us inside your process. From conception to completion, how long does a piece take (on average)? What goes into creating a whole collection of pieces for a craft fair or show?

For a collection, it’s nice to have a variety of different pieces with one common shape or design idea. Once I decide on a shape, I’ll make tons of them, mountains of them! Then I’ll play around with different ways of putting them together to make show stopping statement necklaces, and delicate everyday pieces.

Photo by Meredith Coe

Photo credit: Meredith Coe

It’s hard to say how long one pieces takes, they are made in groups. I would say that I can finish 10 pieces on a good day.

Finish this sentence. Jewelry making is…

a pleasure.

What’s next for Elaine B Jewelry?

I have an open studio event next week with Thomas Dean and a gallery show at Draft Space in NYC in November.