Local Music Follow-Up: Erin & the Wildfire

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The four bands who performed that night stood jittery on the stage of The Jefferson Theater, sweat seeping through their pores as they anxiously awaited the results: Who won the spot to play at the Lockn Festival? Compliments and praises were given to each of the bands – People’s Blues of Richmond, Erin & the Wildfire, The Northerners, and The Trongone Band. Each of them truly played their hearts out that night at the Rockn to Lockn Final Round.


Matt Wood, Nick Quillen, Erin Lunsford, and Ryan Lipps of Erin & the Wildfire waiting on the results for Rockn to Lockn | Photo by Shannon Gillen

The crowd went silent as the announcer, Jess Martin, unfolded the piece of paper that would reveal the results. The bands stood arm-in-arm as they waited to know if they would have the opportunity to perform at the Lockn Festival.

“Alright folks, the results were so close that we have two picks tonight – a popular vote pick and a judges’ vote pick. The popular vote pick for tonight was Erin & the Wildfire, and the judges’ vote pick was People’s Blues of Richmond!!!”

The two bands, on either side of the stage, jumped up and down in excitement as the crowd cheered.


Matt Wood celebrating Erin & the Wildfire’s win| Photo by Shannon Gillen


Erin Lunsford accepting congratulatory flowers at Rockn to Lockn | Photo by Shannon Gillen


Guitarist Ryan Lipps thanking the crowd at Rockn to Lockn | Photo by Shannon Gillen


Erin & the Wildfire | Photo by Shannon Gillen

Before Saturday night at the Jefferson Theater’s Rockn to Lockn Final Round, I had only heard Erin & the Wildfire perform a handful of times, but it is safe to say that this was by far their most high-energy performance yet. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a band play so hard, and with so much unified passion. I checked in with the band after their win.


Ryan Lipps at Rockn to Lockn | Photo by Shannon Gillen

What does winning Rockn to Lockn mean to you as a band?

It really feels like we just stuck our hands into a big ol’ bag of marshmallows, you know? Like, in a good way. Playing the Lockn stage is one of the biggest opportunities we’ve ever been given as a band. We were extremely moved and humbled by all the support our fans gave us to put us in this position and can’t wait to make them proud at Lockn!


Erin Lunsford at Rockn to Lockn | Photo by Shannon Gillen


Matt Wood and Ryan Lipps’ reactions to their win | Photo by Shannon Gillen

What was your first thought upon hearing that you had just won the opportunity to play at Lockn?

Erin: Oh my god, someone brought me flowers!

Nick: Hooray, more music playing!

Ryan: Wait, we’re gonna play in front of HOW MANY people?


How would you describe your performance at Rockn to Lockn on Saturday night?

Best crowd, best performance, highest energy. It was truly an unbelievable night.


Erin and the Wildfire at Rockn to Lockn | Photo by Shannon Gillen

Who are you most looking forward to seeing perform at Lockn?

Tedeschi-Trucks Band, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, TAUK, Wilco, and Steve Winwood!


Matt Wood at Rockn to Lockn | Photo by Shannon Gillen

Anything else you want to add about this experience?

We just want to add how grateful we are to everyone who supported us in our efforts to get here. HUGE shout-outs to: WNRN, 106.1 The Corner, WTJU, Charlottesville Newsplex, NBC29, Cville Niche 😉 , The Burg, The Daily Progress, GigDog, UVa, Glass House Winery, Lindsay Dorrier III, Dee and Claudio Zarpelon, Linda and Gordon Hahn, Jess Martin, Jared Stone, and of course, all our friends and family. We love you all so much!

Check out the gallery below for more photos of the kickass show that won Erin and the Wildfire their spot at Lockn!

Photography by Shannon Gillen