Food Truck Check-in: Cville’s Sweet Spot

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Long before food trucks began popping up on every corner in big cities like New York and Los Angeles (and, yes, even Charlottesville), ice cream trucks were the kings of the road.

Remember those summer nights chasing after the ice cream truck around the neighborhood, hoping you had just enough change for a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar, push pop, Fudgsicle, or ice cream sandwich? These are the types of memories that prompted Barb Rosen to start her own ice cream truck business in Albemarle County.

“I grew up in New York, so there were tons of ice cream trucks,” she said.

Fulfilling her childhood dream to open an ice cream and candy store, Rosen started The Sweet Tooth in 2011. Now, she spends her weekends and summers driving through neighborhoods, catering birthday parties, and even dishing out sweet treats at weddings throughout central Virginia, as well as at area businesses.

Photo courtesy of Barb Rosen

Photo courtesy of Barb Rosen

“People laugh because ACAC is one of my biggest customers,” Rosen said.

Of course, the real irony is that when Rosen isn’t peddling sweet treats in the streets, she’s working as a full-time Physical Education teacher at Hollymead Elementary School.

“I’m a PE teacher that serves ice cream and candy afterward,” Rosen joked.

Rosen, who is known as “The Ice Cream Lady” by several of her current and former students, pointed out that she ties in about an hour worth of games with her birthday party package to keep kids active. But for the most part, she enjoys driving through neighborhoods and watching the children chase after her ice cream truck.

“A lot of kids have never seen an ice cream truck before,” Rosen said.

She also caters to nursing homes, dishing out ice cream and nostalgia for a lot of her customers.

“The adults are just as happy as the kids are,” Rosen said. “It just makes people happy. It brings back a lot of fun memories for them.”

Rosen’s collection of treats includes a variety of prepackaged ice cream, chocolate tacos, snow cones, and candy. She is available for private parties, birthdays for “kids of all ages” and corporate events, and also offers pre-ordered candy gift bags.

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