Sweets Check-in: My Chocolate Shoppe

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DSC_1107Ever since I was little, my favorite smell has been the sweet scent that hits one’s nose upon walking into a candy shop: creamy chocolate mixed with the soft scent of sweet and sour candies. Nostalgia struck when I first walked into My Chocolate Shoppe, and the child in me became giddy at all of the chocolate and candy options surrounding me. The faces of those walking into the shop after me all appeared to have the same wide-eyed reaction, and were all certainly excited to explore the unique options My Chocolate Shoppe has to offer.

I recently had the chance to chat with Manager, Mary Beth Schellhammer, and Assistant Manager, Jennifer Mowad, to find out more about their sweet-spiration for this one-of-a-kind shop.

Clockwise: toasted coconut truffle, key lime truffle, banana truffle, and caramel milk chocolate truffle

Clockwise from the top: toasted coconut truffle, key lime truffle, banana truffle, and caramel milk chocolate truffle

What inspired you to open My Chocolate Shoppe in Charlottesville?

Mary Beth: After walking the downtown mall while visiting UVA (my son was a student at the time). I knew it would make the perfect location for my second store. I had been making chocolate in Fredericksburg, VA for the last 10 years. Long story short, by the time I found the perfect location on the downtown mall, my lease was up in the Fredericksburg store. I decided to make a big change. So I closed the Fredericksburg shop and moved my life to Charlottesville.

Chocolate salted caramel peanut butter cups with crushed pretzels

Chocolate salted caramel peanut butter cups with crushed pretzels

What’s the most popular item that you make?

Mary Beth: Word on the street is, “Our Peanut Butter cups, will change your world.” That’s a quote from our customers. They have been so popular I had to create special boxes for the people who buy 6 or 12 at a time. We sell almost 200 of them each week.

Jennifer: I would say that our peanut butter cups, as well as the “Cville Mocha,” are some of our most popular items. The Cville Mocha is dark chocolate infused with cream and espresso from Mudhouse Coffee.

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Charlottesville food community?

Mary Beth: I love the daily conversations I get to have with my customers. Downtown has that small community feel. It seems people take the time to talk with each other and really want to get to know about chocolate.

Jennifer: I love interacting with customers, especially our regulars – it makes me feel good when they come back for one of my creations!

DSC_1044What is your most unique piece of candy in the Shoppe and why?

Mary Beth: That’s a toss up between our chocolate bacon and our chocolate scorpions. (Yes, they are real scorpions the stingers has been removed so they are safe to eat!)

Jennifer: I’d have to say the chocolate insects and the Firework Truffle, which consists of chipotle chile, sea salt, and pop rocks.

Where is another favorite “sweet spot” in Charlottesville that you enjoy or that has inspired you?

Jennifer: I love SweetHaus cupcakes, especially the salted caramel one. I love creating the sweet and salty combinations!

Describe My Chocolate Shoppe in 10 words or less.

Mary Beth: “It’s all about the chocolate”


Clockwise from the top: dark chocolate and blueberry truffle, the Cville Mocha, curry coconut dark chocolate truffle, and cocoa truffle


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Words and photography by Shannon Gillen