Checking in with the Locals: Linnea White

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It’s been one year since we started checking in with the local-loving people of Charlottesville, featuring the faces of Cville and their top picks every week.

For this special occasion, we’re checking in with the Cville Niche Team! This group of locals is passionate about what they do in this great city. So in the coming weeks, get to know the faces of Cville Niche!

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Photo Credit: Kristen Finn Photography

Special thanks to Kristen Finn Photography for our fun photo shoot at the new IX Art Park!

Linnea White

Describe what you do in town.

Photo credit: Kristen Finn PhotographyBy day, I’m the Web Curator for Albemarle County Public Schools.

By night, I’m a purveyor of everything local. I’ve been working alongside Kat since 2008, materializing our passions for Cville and “” into Cville Niche.

The rest of the time I’m a web content strategist, social media enthusiast, blogger, editor, fashion lover, bag lady, living room dancer, Instagram addict, and wine drinker.

Describe yourself in 5 syllables or less.

Dressed Up + No Filter

Top Picks

A favorite local shopping destination.

The true shopping lover in me knows I can’t pick just one. But, the creator of the Dressing Up series in me will choose where it all started: Darling. I’m biased because I’m also a consigner there, but I have found so many gems during my many visits. Elizabeth has done such a great job turning the little store into a clothing-lovers dream closet, with an increasingly high volume of items and a constant refresh on the racks.

A favorite dish in town.

Call me a carnivore, because sometimes I CRAVE the Carne Asada from Mas. The drooling-in-anticipation kinda crave. For years, Mas has delivered consistently friggin’ delicious food. And for that, I will thank them by going there to eat more Carne Asada.

A favorite drink in town.

I’m confident that I have tasted every “Moscow mule” in Cville. Blue Light’s topped the list, with it’s house-made ginger beer and classic, spot-on ingredients. But then I tasted the Mary Lou Mule at The Alley Light and I found my winner. Bartender Micah LeMon makes magic for the tastebuds. Don’t miss out.

A favorite weekly or monthly drink special.

I’m a big fan of half off bottles of wine at The Local on Monday nights. It’s where it all started for Kat and I, spending many a Monday planning for Niche and talking about life over a bottle of wine. Oh, and sharing fries, because yum.

A favorite local artist (any type other than musician).

I grew up dancing, following in my big sister’s footsteps and later embracing the art as my own in college at UVa. Now 4 years out of college, my dancer body is certainly not what it used to be, but someone in Cville has kept that spirit of dance alive in me.

Faith Levine of gracefulfitness is someone I’ve had the pleasure to dance with and take classes from over the past years. Her beautiful dancing is both power and grace, and watching her dance makes my heart sing – and makes me want to jump off my butt and chassé into a studio something fierce. Once a dancer, always a dancer.

A favorite local music venue.

Warm days: The Garage. It’s the perfect outdoor music venue for a lay-in-the-grass-and-be-serenaded kinda show. Starry nights on a blanket or under it, the charm of this place is unlike any other. And if you’re lucky, you may also get a chance to see a before-their-big-break band like The Lumineers that cold, fateful night Kat and I shared back in 2011.

Any day: The Southern. I love the intimacy of this space. Musicians quickly become new friends in a space where the crowd is part of the music, and the green room is a step away from a hug at the merch tables. Okay, so I may not be “friends” with Abner and Amanda from JohnnySwim, but when I saw experienced their show recently (with the opener being a true friend and local musician Michael Coleman), I definitely shared some awesome moments with them.