Checking in with the Locals: Scott Tiernan

Posted on May 27, 2014 by


Charlottesville is a city filled with local-loving people, and a spirit of community and collaboration unlike anywhere else. Every week, Cville Niche will celebrate that spirit by featuring a local’s top picks. Check out previous local check-ins!

scott 2Scott Tiernan

He’ll make you want to smile, smile, smile, and most certainly dance. Local musician Scott T is an all-around, infectious people person, with a big smile and bigger laugh to prove it. And that makes him someone who most certainly knows and loves Cville.

Describe what you do in town (whether it be your job or local interest/involvement in Cville).

I am a proud Charlottesville singer/songwriter. The C-Ville Songwriting scene is one of the best communities to be a part of. Paying the bills for a lovely Farmington family helps pay my bills and thus fuels my passion for making music and art of all kinds.

Describe yourself in 5 syllables or less.

Resourceful Opus

Top Picks

A favorite drink in town.

Well I consistantly get the Sazerac at The Whiskey Jar so I’ll go with that. “A drink with many fascets keeps the palate interested.” ooOOOo I should copyright that. Hints of anise seep through a rich oak flavor, cut with the sweet citrus of a fresh lemon peel. Yum.

A favorite dish in town.

My favorite dish in town is, the second plate I get when I go to the lunch buffet at Himalayan Fusion. The first plate has bits of everything to try and the second plate is FILLED with all the dishes I liked! All the different spices and flavors surprise my taste buds with every bite, while the Tandoori Chicken consistently tricks my brain into thinking my stomach can hold more food!

A favorite local gallery/venue to see art.

I enjoy the bright whimsical use of color at Telegraph

A favorite local musician.

Where the frig do I start?!?!?!? Michael Coleman, Olivarez Trio, Matthew McAllister, Dane Alderson (Monday nights at Rapture), The Design featuring Jen Tal, The Monday Night Songwriter Circle at The Local, Jesse Harper… I could go on forever!

A favorite local music venue.

The Garage. I’m a nature boy…. I love to be in nature as much as possible, so watching live music outside under the stars with a coffee tumbler filled with red wine is the best way to go!