Tuning In with M.C. Saunders

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“Being Kate Bush has always been kind of a secret dream of mine,” says M.C. Saunders, organist/pianist for The Ha-RAng!#.

The Ha-RAng!# M.C. Saunders on the far left

The Ha-RAng!#, with M.C. Saunders on the far left

While working in organ and tissue transplant services in Richmond, Saunders discovered that she didn’t love going to work every day. But she did love music.

For a long time, she had listened to the people who said she couldn’t make a living at music, but she decided to make the switch from the medical to the musical, from one type of organ to another. “I won’t say [the skeptics] are completely wrong—instead of one job, I have three,” she says, but she loves what she’s doing.

When Saunders moved to Charlottesville, she met Shane O’Gallagher, who fronts The Ha-RAng!#, and he later sent her a message out of the blue, asking if she knew any female organists/pianists who could join his band. Saunders was so nervous that she skipped her first audition, but O’Gallagher and the rest of the band gave her another chance.

“Tom, Greg, and Shane are like the kooky older brothers I never had—but desperately wanted—to teach me about punk rock, rough me up a little, and ultimately love and protect me no matter what.”

Saunders sometimes feels like she was born in the wrong century, the wrong decade, when it comes to music. “All of these songs make me feel that way,” she says, “and judging by the fact that a lot of these are new songs, I can’t be the only one.”

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