Checking in with the Locals: Hillary Lewis

Posted on April 8, 2014 by


Charlottesville is a city filled with local-loving people, and a spirit of community and collaboration unlike anywhere else. Every week, Cville Niche will celebrate that spirit by featuring a local’s top picks. Check out previous local check-ins!

hillaryHillary Lewis

With her bursting energy and beaming smile, this gal makes the cold-pressed juice scene look good. You’ve probably seen LUMI in most of the grocery stores around town and hopefully you’ve had the chance to give it a try! She set up shop here in Cville about a year ago, and is a true advocate for local businesses.

Describe what you do in town (whether it be your job or local interest/involvement in Cville).

Founded Lumi Juice, which is a 100% organic, cold-pressed juice company. Lumi stands for Love you, Mean it! We love you, mean it, and we want you to love yourself, so we make awesome organic products to help illuminate your life.

Describe yourself in 5 syllables/words or less.

LUMI – love you, mean it

Top Picks

A favorite dish in town, what it’s called, where it’s at, describe what makes it special/different/one of your favorites.

There is so much fantastic food in Charlottesville that its hard to pick a favorite dish! I love everything from Now & Zen, and I absolutely love Brookville’s Bacon, Chocolate Chip Cookies. They use Rock Barn Bacon, and you can’t find anything like it anywhere.

A favorite drink in town, what it’s called, where it’s at, describe what makes it special/different/one of your favorites.

I enjoy any cocktail made by Alec Spidalieri (The Local), or Ben Louquet (Toro’s Tacos). Mainly, anything made with Kubler Absinthe, Right Gin, Tequila Ocho or Bullet Boubon. The Whiskey Jar’s Bouron and Bucha is amazing because Barefoot Bucha brews the best kombucha on this planet.

A favorite weekly or monthly drink special, what’s the special, where’s it at, and why you love it.

Living in Belmont, The Local is definitely my stomping ground. Every Monday, The Local’s half priced bottles of wine coupled with live open-mic music night hands down is my favorite place to be for drink specials. I’m a sucker for live music and wine. Also, Alec, one of the bartenders at The Local, makes delicious libations. Definitely the best place to be on Mondays in Charlottesville.

A favorite local fitness class, name of the class, fitness center, brief description of the class and why you love it.

Pure Barre! Amy Jo Bright has done a fantastic job growing Pure Barre in Charlottesville. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication inspires me. It makes working out fun! Everyone goes there to lift, tone, burn together and the great music makes me want to dance.

A favorite local artist (any type other than musician), who is it, what type of medium do they use, where was your favorite showing of their art.

Sarah Cramer is my favorite local artist. Through photography, Sarah transforms intangible emotions and words into tangible, lasting images. Her energy and dedication to her work shines through in every photograph, and I love to see what comes across her insta feed next!