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Adam Brock says that the best thing about being a musician is “the actual music. Writing it. Recording it. Playing it.”

Borrowed Beams of Light, one of Brock's musical projects

Borrowed Beams of Light, one of Brock’s musical projects

A musician currently involved in no fewer than four music projects here in Charlottesville, Brock does a lot of writing, recording, and playing. His band, Borrowed Beams of Light, released their latest LP, On the Wings of a Bug, in November 2013, and the band has been playing shows and recording videos in support of the album. He drums for Weird Mob, a project led by fellow Beam Dave Gibson. He’s also a member of Y’ALL, a new, post-Invisible Hand band currently recording a debut LP and planning its first local gig.

In his spare time, Brock works on “a bullshit country act that I am constantly grooming in my head. I have written a few tunes in the power country style of 90’s arena heroes like Garth Brooks or Toby Keith. Gonna try to record those this summer. Should be a hoot.”

When Adam isn’t playing music, he can be found hanging out with his wife, reading, or tending bar at the C&O. He could also be playing with a cat. Or listening to records.

“I listen to so much music [and] go through lots of phases [and] obsessions,” says Brock. His playlist for our “Tuning in” series includes a few tunes he’s come to recently mixed in with what he says are “a few ‘always faves’.”

Some of Brock’s picks weren’t available on Spotify, but you should hear them anyway:

“Journey” // Duncan Browne

“That Duncan Browne song is just the feel good jam of the year for me. I feel like you have to be dead to not have a whole-body smile going on at the end of that tune.”

“We Want You To Stay” // Bill Fay

“I got into Bill Fay on the recommendation of Gwen from Melody Supreme, and Fay’s first two LPs have been real companions to me ever since I fell asleep on the plane to South Africa last year with the mp3s of the self-titled LP coursing through me.”

“Sycamore” // Bill Callahan

“Bill Callahan’s new LP made me dig out all the earlier, post-Smog solo albums, including Woke on a Whaleheart. He’s one of my favorite lyricists of all time—him and Dan Bejar, aka Destroyer.”


Adam Brock will be playing a Borrowed Beams of Light acoustic show at the new Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar on the Corner next Wednesday, April 9 at 9:30 p.m.

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