Tuning in with Sam Bush

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samSam Bush is a Charlottesville music double-whammy: he is one half of local band The Hill and Wood and runs local music/arts venue The Garage.

A guy with a lot of tunes on his mind, Sam put together this week’s mix, “Songs I’m Lucky to Have Heard at All.”

A few years ago, a friend made Bush a mix called “Songs I should Have Listened to When I was in High School,” and Bush loved the title. “There will always be those ‘what ifs’ or ‘if onlys’ in life, questions or potential situations that could have gone differently. I think it’s funny to think that our lives could have ended up differently if we had listened to different music in high school.”

Bush imagines that he might be a better person if he’d discovered The Faces ten years earlier, but he can’t be sure, and he doesn’t dwell on the thought. Instead, he has found that he’s much better off feeling grateful for having heard these songs at all.

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  • Knives of Summertime – Hezekiah Jones
  • Glad and Sorry – The Faces
  • Wolfman Jack – Todd Rundgren
  • Heart of the Country – Paul McCartney
  • Town Called Malice – The Jam
  • Richard Hawley – The Streets Are Ours
  • On Fire – Phoenix
  • Danny – The Ramones
  • Picture Book – The Kinks (not on spotify, but here’s the youtube link!)
  • Radio King – Golden Smog
  • I Believe in Your Love – Charles Bradley
  • Honolulu Blues – Craig Finn
  • Suffused With Love – Sondre Lerche
  • Doctor My Eyes – Jackson 5 (not on spotify, but here’s the youtube link!)
  • Ooh La La – The Faces
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