A Cville VDay Tradition: Bake ‘N Bike

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bake n bikeLooking for a sweet treat for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Want to surprise a dear friend with some VDay love? Cville’s very own cherub on wheels is here to save the day!

Ten years ago, Shell Stern founded Bake ‘N Bike out of her very own kitchen, and with the help of many volunteers, this annual VDay tradition is continuing to bring chocolately, heart-shaped scone goodness to Cville.

A Q&A with Victoria Long

Happy 10 year anniversary to Bake n’ Bike! How has this program grown over the years?

Bake ‘N Bike started small and has grown with a lot of love put into it over the years by volunteers. Shell Stern founded Bake ‘N Bike out of her kitchen to give the community a way to celebrate the many kinds of relationships (sweeties, friends, and so on) that bring us happiness.

Last year, volunteers delivered 150 orders and baked nearly a thousand chocolate chip scones.

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What programs benefit from the event?

All of the proceeds from Bake ‘N Bike go to Books Behind Bars, which donates books to prisoners, and to Community Bikes, which helps people in Charlottesville learn about bike maintenance and repair.

How can someone get involved? Need more Cherubic Cyclists for those deliveries?

We would love more volunteers! You can sign up to bake scones on Valentine’s Day with us or make deliveries while dressed up in a heart felt (pun intended, sorry) costume. To get involved, email us at cvillebakenbike@gmail.com.

What about this event do you love? What makes it so great, and a special Cville tradition?

The Bake ‘N Bike Valentine Scone Sale is hands down my favorite Valentine’s Day tradition in Charlottesville. On a day that can sometimes feel commercial and exclusive, Bake ‘N Bike a great way to give back to the community and make lots of people feel special.

This Valentine’s Day, our volunteers will be delivering freshly baked heart-shaped scones and letterpressed cards to bus drivers, nursing home residents, lovers, and friends all over town. What could be better than that?

A sneak peek of the letterpressed cards designed by local artist Patrick Costello that will accompany each order of heart shaped scones!

A sneak peek of the letterpressed cards designed by local artist Patrick Costello that will accompany each order of heart shaped scones!

How it Works

In the wee hours of the morning on February 14th, 2014, volunteers assemble to bake the scone orders, sprinkling each half-a-dozen-scones-per-order with love. Cherubs on wheels don their “heart felt” attire and deliver the packages from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm within the Charlottesville City limits and UVA Grounds.

Each order contains half a dozen, freshly baked heart-shaped chocolate chip scones with a letterpress printed card designed by local artist Patrick Costello. The $20 donation benefits two great causes.

What a way to love our Cville community and our special someones and friends this and every Valentine’s Day!

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