Checking in with the Locals: Carla Shifflett

Posted on February 4, 2014 by


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Carla Shifflett

Carla ShifflettFrom  reformer, to chair, to mat and now body rolling, Carla knows the ins and outs of Pilates and has a true passion and knowledge of body architecture. With over ten years of pilates and body movement experience under her belt, she’s our go-to gal when it comes to figuring out posture and alignment in Cville.   

Describe what you do in town (whether it be your job or local interest/involvement in Cville).

I’m a native of the area. I have traveled quite a bit and can honestly say that I am still moved by the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love playing music, although I rarely find time these days as I have two small children who love to take over all of my instruments at any opportunity. I’m okay with that. My greatest passion in life (aside from my family) is my work. I feel so fortunate to be able to work in a field that I love. There is nothing better than helping someone who thinks they are beyond help. It’s truly life-changing, not only for my client but also for me.

My business is called Posture Studio. My specialty is working with clients pre- or post-rehab, and also teaching people about the mechanics of breathing and moving. We use Pilates to strengthen our clients but our work can be applied to any form of exercise. I work with clients ranging from the injured to the professional athlete. Posture Studio also offers amazing Pilates classes ranging from low intensity to high intensity, and we have recently added Yamuna Body Rolling and Yoga to our list. Barre classes are coming soon and there are more additions in the works.

My other loves are cooking/baking, photography, non-fiction, anatomy of movement, singing, dancing, and giving old things new life (current project is our house). I can honestly say that I have never been bored.

Describe yourself in 5 syllables or less.

Interested in just about everything.

Top Picks

A favorite drink in town, what it’s called, where it’s at, describe what makes it special/different/one of your favorites.

I rarely get to go out for a drink, but some friends recently opened The Livery Stable behind Posture Studio so Sebastian and I sneak in there on the rare occasion. Doug (my new favorite bartender who has many a great story to tell) introduced me to my new favorite drink, The Headless Horseman. More commonly called the Moscow Mule, the drink consists of vodka, ginger beer, and lime served in a copper mug. Yum.

A favorite local musician, name of the musician, type of music, your favorite local show that featured them.

I’m a fan of Rick Olivarez of The Olivarez Jazz Trio. Rick is an amazing guitarist and has put together a wonderful trio. The Olivarez Trio performs gypsy jazz (think Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli), Latin jazz, old European folk tunes and modern jazz. I’m sure they can perform much, much more but that is what they tend to play. I’m a jazz fan, and gypsy jazz is one of my favorite jazz subgenres. Anyone who is a gypsy jazz fan knows how difficult it is to find a good gypsy jazz band. The Olivarez Trio plays regularly at both The Whiskey Jar and at the C&O Restaurant.

A favorite local fitness class, name of the class, fitness center, brief description of the class and why you love it.

Grace Daniels’ advanced level Pilates reformer/chair/trapeze combo class at Posture Studio is perfect for me. Grace is a brilliant instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience. Grace understands the mechanics of movement and has the ability to individually cue each client without losing the intensity level of the class. Grace can and will kick your butt.