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Who can resist stopping into a pink building with two giant red “WINE” signs on either side of it? In Vino Veritas has been Keswick’s hidden gem of a wine shop since the beginning of 2005. Owner Elinor Howell welcomes every customer with a big smile and wine expertise that is guaranteed to guide you to your perfect bottle.

Elinor Howell of In Vino Veritas


What inspired you to be in the wine business/open a wine shop in Charlottesville?

I was previously working for a book publishing company, and when the industry was beginning to fail, it made me think about what my true passions are. One day, when I was golfing with friends, we began discussing how much Keswick needs a wine shop, and Steve Minkel and I decided right then and there that we would open In Vino Veritas.

When did In Vino Veritas open?

The very beginning of 2004. I am thinking of having a 10-year anniversary party soon!

Where did the name “In Vino Veritas” come from?

It’s a Latin phrase meaning, “in wine there’s truth.” When you start drinking wine, the truth comes out!

What is your favorite wine that you sell in your shop?

I love Spanish wines, so I’d have to go with either a Rioja or Priorat.

For someone who prefers beer to wine, which beer on your shelves would you recommend?

Either the Firestone IPA, or Blue Mountain Brewery’s Full Nelson.

Tell us about the wine tastings that you do on Fridays.

This is one of my biggest projects: I find a different wine distributor or wine maker to come and discuss their wines and/or wine making process.

In Vino Veritas

Describe your shop in 10 words.

A wonderful environment for my customers and me!

What’s the first glass of wine that you can remember having?

Chateauneuf-Du-Pape from France. In my junior year of college, my friend had just returned from studying abroad in France and introduced me to this wine and that is when my love began!

In Vino Veritas

Elinor’s Local Picks

Where do you like to go, outside of your shop, to have a glass of wine in the area?

MAS for a good Spanish wine.

Which Virginia wine or winery would you like to feature in the shop that you don’t currently carry?

I’d love to feature Stinson Vineyards.

What’s your favorite spot to grab a bite to eat in Cville?

Maya. I also do a lot of wine pairing dinners there and their staff is wonderful to work with!

Favorite local vineyard(s)?

Keswick Vineyard, Pollak Vineyard, and Glass House Winery.


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