Checking in with the Locals: Nadjeeb Chouaf

Posted on January 21, 2014 by


Charlottesville is a city filled with local-loving people, and a spirit of community and collaboration unlike anywhere else. Every week, Cville Niche will celebrate that spirit by featuring a local’s top picks. Check out previous local check-ins!

Submitted by Nadjeeb ChouafNadjeeb Chouaf

The face of artisanal cheese has set up shop in Cville, and we couldn’t be more happy. You can find him behind the cheese counter at Milli Joe, offering samples and talking about cheese in a way that makes anyone’s taste buds smile.

See the cheese man this Friday, January 24th, at 22 Brix for a special Wine & Cheese Night, 5-8pm.

Describe what you do in town (whether it be your job or local interest/involvement in Cville).

I run Flora Artisanal Cheese located inside of Milli Joe Coffee. We’re Charlottesville’s only European style cut-to-order cheese counter. I run the retail shop and participate in numerous tasting and pairing events around town whose goal is to increase what I like to call Charlottesville’s cheese literacy.

Describe yourself in 5 syllables or less.

Food obsessed cheese nerd

Top Picks

A favorite dish in town, what it’s called, where it’s at, describe what makes it special/different/one of your favorites.

Lengua tacos at Taco Nako. The first time I saw this shady taco truck in a laundromat parking lot I knew it would be good. It’s not usually on the menu but if you ask nicely they will make a taco using this incredible braised beef tongue topped with onion and cilantro.

A favorite drink in town, what it’s called, where it’s at, describe what makes it special/different/one of your favorites.

The one I keep coming back to is Champion Brewing‘s Tart Berliner Weiss. It’s a refreshing, low-alcohol, sour beer that is the perfect accompaniment to watching sports or hanging out with friends.

A favorite weekly or monthly food special, what’s the special, where’s it at, and why you love it.

Industry night deal on the fried calamari at Blue Light. I can’t get enough of their aioli.

A favorite local fitness class, name of the class, fitness center, brief description of the class and why you love it.

The Pilates classes at Posture Studio with Carla are great, and more recently I’ve really been enjoying Ashtanga Yoga at Common Ground Healing Arts.