Checking in with the Locals: Nick Leichtentritt

Posted on November 19, 2013 by


Charlottesville is a city filled with local-loving people, and a spirit of community and collaboration unlike anywhere else. Every week, Cville Niche will celebrate that spirit by featuring a local’s top picks. Check out previous local check-ins!

nickmilliNick Leichtentritt

From latte art throw-downs to creating espresso gelato, Nick – owner and coffee king at Milli Joe – can do it all. In just over a year, Milli has become a staple among the Cville coffee shops, embracing collaboration with local businesses, musicians and artists.

Describe what you do in town (whether it be your job or local interest/involvement in Cville).

My favorite things to do in Charlottesville are eat. drink, bike, and more often than not you can find me making coffee at Milli Joe.

Describe yourself in 5 syllables or less.

I make good coffee.

Top Picks

A favorite dish in town, what it’s called, where it’s at, describe what makes it special/different/one of your favorites.

Jamon & Manchego- a Mas specialty. Just a plate of fantastic Serrano Ham (jamon) served with some nice Manchego cheese. I always drizzle just a touch of olive oil over the plate and grab a nice glass of red. It’s special because it’s simple. It’s different for the same reason.

A favorite weekly or monthly food special, what’s the special, where’s it at, and why you love it.

5$ steaks at Sedona Taphouse. It’s a little out of the way, but they have hands down the best beer selection in town and when dinner is only 5 bucks, you can justify springing for some of the more pricey craft beers without breaking the bank.

A favorite local artist (any type other than musician), who is it, what type of medium do they use, where was your favorite showing of their art.

Laura Bell, monster-sized canvas, first saw her work at Writer House.