Local Fitness Check-in: The Ladies at Lululemon (Oct. Ed.)

Posted on October 4, 2013 by


We’re checking back in with some of our favorite fitness enthusiasts at Cville’s Lululemon Showroom. Check out what Kirsten Lorenger, showroom manager, has to share about what’s going on this month!

luluWhat free classes do we have to look forward to at the lululemon showroom this month?

Throughout the month of October we will be featuring classes led by our ambassadors in our showroom as well as in their respective studios every Saturday at 10am. We want to showcase their talent to our community. Additionally, stay tuned to our facebook page for an invite to attend classes in their studios — we’ll pick up the tab, consider it a Gift of Sweat!

What events are coming up in the showroom?

We are co-hosting a stretching workshop with tru PILATES in the showroom on October 10th from 6pm-8pm with Kit Laughlin. Kit is an expert stretching instructor who will share his effective techniques to reduce muscle tension, improve overall flexibility and minimize pain and stress. Check out our facebook events page for more info. You won’t want to miss out, he’s from down under ‘mate!

Your current 5 favorite local fitness classes and where they are at?

How could we choose just five? We are committed to sweating all around town and are up for any challenge. Chaturanga, isometric movements, running, strength and conditioning interval training, pilates- you name it, we’re all about it! We love attending classes at studios that are locally owned and are dedicated to elevating the CVille community!

Favorite healthy snack(s) in town (please list where it’s at too and if possible try to stick to local spots)

We love taking our lunch break at the Blue Ridge Country Store so we can custom build a scrumptious salad. We also favor the power balls at Mudhouse to help us gain back some energy post workout.