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© Cville Niche, Sarah Hatch styling Linnea

If you don’t know the name Sarah Hatch, you should. Sarah is a hair stylist at Studio 500, hair and make-up artist for her company Running with Scissorz, and someone you can trust and love behind the chair.

For forage’s Color Me Bohemian dinner party, Sarah prettied the ladies of Cville Niche up with ethereal boho beauty. Flowing curls, long lashes, and pastels made for a beautiful palette and beautiful pictures.

With a flower crown from Hedge Fine Blooms, our own DIY flower crowns, and outfits from Darling, we were boho-ready!

Keep an eye out for Sarah this month, as she is nominated for Best Hairdresser on Cville’s Best of Cville ballot!

Talk about your inspiration for the bohemian looks – how you played off of our outfits from Darling and DIY flower crowns to complete the look, etc.

mirror inspiration

I believe that the bohemian look is such an attractive way of expression in beauty. It’s roots are derived from an earthy natural look. I think it’s rather unconventional to a lot of the trends in the beauty industry right now, and that is what makes it so alluring. The “boho” look really conveys and enhances natural beauty and emphasizes a feminine glow that is also very romantic.

In creating each look for you lovely ladies, I really just wanted to enhance your hair and your makeup in the most natural yet artistic way. For the hair I used soft bouncy curls adding a lot of texture and shine as if “sun kissed,” and for the makeup I stayed with pale soft colors matching to each individual’s eyes to enhance the beauty in the natural color of each of your eyes.

© Cville Niche, Flower Crowns

How can someone easily recreate this ethereal, boho chic look at home? What are the best hair products to create these loose, flowy waves?

For my straight hair ladies I always recommend having a salon grade curling iron (most stylists can get you one). The reason I recommend that is because most straight haired peoples problems are curl longevity. Make sure you have a really good curling iron, I recommend anything that offers “Ionic Technology” and it will help with the time your curl will stay. Secondly, I can’t stress enough PRODUCTS, PRODUCTS and more PRODUCTS. I recommend a sea salt texturing spray for after the curls are set (before combing or brushing through) and a medium hold hair spray that contains light alcohols for more movement, more hold, and less “stickiness.”

© Cville Niche, Linnea and Melanie

For my curly girls I recommend trying to manage your curls as they are still wet. First I recommend a hair gel that has medium to extra hold gel (also with low alcohols for no flaking or “crunchy” results) and an anti-frizz serum. For this look to be successful I always recommend that you pay close attention to your application of products. You can apply both of these products separately or you can “cocktail” them together. Also, I recommend starting your application from the rear of the head and work your way to the front to be sure all areas are covered thoroughly. I think for the most natural look you would want to air dry, or if you fear your curl may weaken, I also recommend a diffuser.

© Cville Niche, Katerina and Julie

You were recently nominated on the Best of Cville Ballot for Best Hairdresser! Talk about that experience, and how you have seen Charlottesville embrace your work as a hair and make-up artist and stylist. Any special thanks?

What an AMAZING feeling!! I was/am more than humbled by this nomination. I get the privilege to work with so many people on a daily basis and it’s wonderful to know that they appreciate all that I put into their experience when they are in my chair. It was beautiful to know that my clients feel that way about me and what I do. It makes me know for sure that I doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to be doing.


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