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Spring is in the air – finally! What better way to celebrate Spring than a Wine Tour for you and 5 friends? The giveaway begins today, so hurry over to Facebook to enter!

This giveaway is a collaboration with Wish Wish, a local organization aimed at bringing fun experiences to the people of Charlottesville.

Q&A with Joren van der Pluijm, Chief Executive Inspirer

What is Wish Wish?

Massages, fly-fishing workshop, scuba diving, facials, glass art workshop, cooking classes, rock climbing, theatre, wine tours, and more!

When was Wish Wish founded in Charlottesville?

In the fall of 2011, Wish Wish was introduced in Charlottesville and, at that time, we offered 120 fun things to do locally. That number has grown to 245 and counting…

As a spin-off of an “innovative European company that serves both customers and companies,” how did Wish Wish find it’s home in Charlottesville? Share the founding story.

If Fridays after 5 and the Farmers market on Saturday morning are the first 2 things you run into on your first visit to Charlottesville, how can you not fall in love with this town? We felt Wish Wish might get lost in New York or DC, being one of the many start-ups screaming for attention. As we considered various locations high on our criteria list were: East coast, a smaller, vibrant community with a university, a well educated population, a start-up spirit and a progressive touch. Obviously, we also looked at parameters like tax rates, lease rates, cost of living, and distance to an international airport with direct flights to Amsterdam. We spend quite some time exploring places, but Fridays after 5 and the farmers market made us pull the trigger. So here we are: my wife, 2 kids (10 and 12) and me.

Happiness is in the things you do – give – share.” Talk about this slogan and the mission of Wish Wish.

It’s the things we do that make us feel happy, not the amount of money or stuff we have. Once you have basics like food, a bed and income covered, it’s spending time with loved ones and exploring new things that make us feel happier. A lot of research shows that a bigger car or a new dress typically brings excitement for about 6 weeks, and sometimes even shorter if the neighbor has something bigger or nicer. Not so for experiences. The fun before, during and after has a long term impact on how we feel. Memories can last a lifetime. The neighbor’s trip to Italy doesn’t ruin your memory of a great day of rock climbing with the family. Going on small adventures frequently makes you feel happier than going on a big trip once every 5 years, so local adventures are the way to go if you want to feel happy year round. Charlottesville offers plenty of fun things to do; from wine tours, to rock climbing, to flight lessons. You just have to do it! We offer 245 local things to do, making it very easy for people to go on a happiness-boosting local adventure, or to surprise others with gifts of happiness and good times.

How does Wish Wish benefit local businesses?

We’re fond of saying all our experiences are made by local companies. So when you buy a wine tour, a scenic flight or a Wish Wish gift card, you really support local businesses. That’s in great contrast to buying a sweater or an iTunes gift card. Over the Holiday season we saw customers from all over the country using Wish Wish gifts to surprise relatives living in Charlottesville. Our gifts support local companies that offer fun things to do and make Charlottesville an even more attractive destination. Seven local retail stores like Rebecca’s Natural Foods, Market Street Wine Shop and Ragged Mountain Running Shop sell our gift cards, mainly because they like the local part of it.

Describe Wish Wish in 10 words or less. (Imagine describing it to someone who doesn’t know anything about it!)

Wish Wish offers 245 fun things to do in Charlottesville, to give as a gift or spoil yourself.

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