Local Fitness Check-in: The Ladies at Lululemon

Posted on March 27, 2013 by


We’re checking back in with some of our favorite fitness enthusiasts at Cville’s Lululemon Showroom, Kirsten Lorenger, showroom manager, and Kristin Watson, assistant manager!

What races are you all most excited about this spring?

  • Three of us on the team are running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon up in DC, so although it’s not local we are definitely excited to lace up our sneakers for that race together.
  • We just wrapped up the Cville 10 Miler and had a great time cheering on the runners with our irreverent signs and contagious energy as we supported from the sidelines along with the Bikram Yoga Studio. The sugary pastries from Paradox Pastry could have helped a bit too!
  • Looking ahead we are excited for the Hoo’s Heal 5k that will take place on April 13th.

lulu cropWhat’s your most functional top and bottom for running in this ever-changing weather – warm enough for the spurts of cold, but not too warm we couldn’t wear it in our frequent 50-60 degree weather?

We both love the Run:Inspire crops. They are made with a power luxtreme fabric with compression, sure to keep your muscles warm while you run.

We also love to sweat in the swiftly long sleeve and short sleeve tops. The are made with silver threading so they are anti-stink and anti-static. Boom!

What free classes do we have to look forward to at the Lululemon showroom this month?

We have a variety of classes coming up! With yoga at our core we have a handful of yoga classes coming up. Instructors from Common Ground, AYC and Opal Yoga will lead us through a practice for all levels. Crossfit is on the docket, too! Charlottesville Crossfit just opened up in a new space!

A Saturday morning class in Cville’s Lululemon Showroom!

Can you each list your 5 favorite local fitness classes and where they are at?

Kirsten & Kristin both agree on the following:

What are your favorite healthy snacks in town?

Kirsten: Tropical green smoothie from Integral Yoga
Kristin: Herb encrusted catfish from the Whiskey Jar (not a snack but tasty all the same!)