Spring Wellness Festival @ Common Ground

Posted on March 21, 2013 by


In just a few months since their grand opening, Common Ground has become a great addition to the Cville wellness family and allowed healing arts to be an approachable and affordable option for all.

Friday, March 22nd marks the beginning of their first ever Spring Wellness Festival, and it’s completely donation-based! This festival is a great way to start off spring on the right foot.

Kate Zuckerman, Executive Director of Common Ground Healing Arts, answered some questions for us about the spring festival.

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“The change of seasons is a perfect time to evaluate progress and set intentions for wellness and for other aspects of our lives. Common Ground hopes to host a wellness festival each spring and fall, with different presenters offering different sessions each time.”

Are all the classes/sessions something that is offered at common ground during regular hours/outside of the wellness fair?
All of the sessions relate to our mission of inspiring people to take charge of their health and wellness. Offerings such as yoga, meditation, and herbal medicine are on our regular schedule, while as others such as Wildcrafting, Ecological Gardening, and Take Charge of Your Talent are complementary to our programming, but not regularly included.

If someone could only go to one session a day which three would you pick?

  • All Levels Yoga with Tilak Pyle on Friday from 5:30-6:45pm (is it cheating to say I’d follow it with the Chanting in the Yoga Tradition class that is offered right afterwards?).
  • On Saturday I’d go to Pat Coffey’s Mindfulness Meditation from 9-10am.
  • On Sunday I’d attend Sharifa Oppenheimer’s It’s Springtime: Time to Play Outside, which is an exploration of theory and technique related to outdoor play for children. Sharifa is a gifted Waldorf teacher and international speaker, and we’re excited to have her offering this session for parents to learn how to be more mindful in interacting with their kids outdoors in the springtime.

It’s so great that you all are offering this as a donation-based event! How do you feel common ground has been received in the community so far, in its very early stages?
Since January 7, we have had over 1,500 visits to Common Ground by over 900 individuals. In our short history as a nonprofit, we have also received donations from over 200 individuals that believe in our mission almost as passionately as we do!
We have a ways to go to our goal of making the demographics of the people we serve reflect the demographics of the city of Charlottesville, but we are getting closer every day!