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Studio 500: “A place where people are valued and we strive to make our clients feel refreshed and revitalized.”

Open only a few months, this salon has joined the blossoming businesses of West Main Street with a powerful and passionate team of women. Get all the details about how one of those women, Sarah Hatch, recently transformed us for the red carpet! 

Ashley Behr, Master Stylist and Owner at Studio 500, is proud of her team of ladies and the valuable service the salon provides to Cville’s community. ashley behr

When did Studio 500 officially open in “Midtown”? Talk about the planning, the space, the opening, and how the studio has grown since.

Studio 500 officially opened on November 6th, 2012. We opened on Election day which was a fun unplanned coincidence that ended up being pretty special. Six women all working together to open their business speaks volumes about the hard work and dedication to the clients and the community. We give a lot of credit to our family and friends who pitched in to help in any way they could. I remember being stressed about how many pieces of furniture that needed to be put together. We had 32 pieces. One night 10-12 of my friends filled the salon diving right in to complete each piece of furniture. Every time I looked up it was coming together like magic. After 5 hours we all stood up and pushed everything into place.

We participated in the First Fridays Art Hop and I was really proud to be a part of that. As an artist myself, it’s extremely important for me to support the arts in that way. We have plans to have many more artists mutually benefiting from the space. Right now we are featuring Sarah Weber and I LOVE her Stiletto paintings. They are fun, flirty and colorful.

Describe Studio 500 in 10 words or less.

Comfortable, Inventive, Talented, Hospitable, Gregarious, Trustworthy, Persevering, Courageous … maybe I’m describing more the Stylists at Studio 500 because it is nothing without them!

studio 500

Sarah Hatch of Studio 500 getting us Oscar-ready.

Share a brief bio about yourself – where you are from/what brought you the Cville, why you decided to open up a hair salon, your favorite thing/place to go in Cville, and anything else you’d like to share about yourself or Studio 500!

studio 500 sign

I’m from West Michigan and moved here to be closer to my sister. We have coffee and breakfast most mornings so I’m glad it worked.

My favorites in Charlottesville would include the Farmers Market in the summer, Darden Towe Park, West Main Market is a hot spot for me. I LOVE our Street and how it’s booming with new businesses that are really amazing with good people.

I’m so proud of these women at Studio 500 I have a hard time putting into words how proud I am to have the opportunity to work as a team. We all really care. I know that sounds simple, but it’s a huge part of what makes coming into the salon both as a stylist and a client so comfy. We want our clients to leave feeling whole and comfortable about their time spent and the look created. Studio 500 is a place where people are valued and we strive to make our clients feel refreshed and revitalized.

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