The First Ever Charlottesville SOUP: Tonight!

Posted on January 14, 2013 by


Here at Cville Niche we support and whole heartily believe in LOCAL. 100%! Our community here in Charlottesville is strong, supportive, and full of people who find inspiration and motivation within the citizens that make this town great… and make great food. This Cville spirit can be found tonight at the inaugural evening of Charlottesville Soup, a seasonal dinner series that raises money for creative projects in the arts.

The idea is simple: the attendees pay ten dollars for a hot, homemade dinner (soup, salad, bread, & pie), listen to 4-5 proposed city-enhancing creative projects, then each attendee votes on which one they would want to see come to fruition. A micro-grant is then given, comprised of the evening’s entrance fees, to the winning project.

charlottesville soupNew City Arts, a local art organization, is hosting the first ever Charlottesville Soup at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative. The evening begins at 6:30 for “drinks & mingling” with dinner to start at 7:00. The event is first come, first seated and is expected to fill up.

Being that all the money goes to the micro-grant, where does all the food come from, you wonder? Well, there is more than 1 way to support this new endeavor. Donations provide not only the food, but fellow Cvillians volunteer their time to support everything from setting up the space and making decorations to donating the dinnerware and hand crafting 65 clay soup bowls.

Charlottesville Soup was inspired from the very successful Detroit Soup. To date, Detroit Soup has raised over $21,000 to bring Detroit based projects to the next level.
Tonight’s projected cool rainy evening is a great setting for a hot bowl of soup and an evening of encouragement and inspiration with your community. See you there, SOUPers!