Holiday Recipe Series: Forage’s Mulled Wine & Cider

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The holidays are upon us, filled with festive fêtes and dashing delicacies. Make your holiday local-inspired, with our Holiday Recipe Series, featuring several local foodies’ takes on holiday drinks and eats.

Our friend at forage, Justin Stone, offers us yet another mouth-watering drink infused with local cider-maker Potter’s Farmhouse Cider and homemade mulled wine.

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The cocktail

1-2 oz mulled wine
1 tbsp of brandy (pear or apple brandies make for great substitutions)
2-3 oz of Potter’s Farmhouse Cider
Garnish: thin sliced apple, orange twist, cinnamon

Pour cooled mulled wine and brandy in glass, add Potter’s Farmhouse Cider, garnish with floating apple slice and orange twist, and finish with pinch of cinnamon.


Suggested Mulled Wine recipe

-Zest from 1 orange
-1 full vanilla bean (slice in 1/4in sections)
-2 full cinnamon sticks
-2 tps of Anise seeds
-2 tbs of Cardamon seeds, cracked
-2 tbs of Juniper berries
-1 tbs of allspice
-1.5 tbs of course grated ginger
-1 tbs of coarse grated nutmeg
(you are welcome add spices or use your own favorite mulled spice mix)

-2 cups water
-1/2 cup sugar
-1 tps of vanilla extra
-1 table spoon of honey
-apple, pear, and orange slices
-750ml of dry red wine

Tie up in a double layer of cheese cloth the mulled spices. Simmer 2 cups of water with mulled spice bag for 10 mins; then add full bottle of dry-red wine of choice. Allow to heat back up but be sure to avoid boiling wine as you risk loosing the flavors of the spices. Add in sugar, vanilla, honey and several fruit slices; simmer for 10 minutes. Pull of heat and allow to cool. Ready for use or storage.

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