Beauties for Brains @ Firefish Gallery

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For Daphne D’earth Latham, beauty is more than skin deep.

Tonight, she will celebrate the opening of a project four years in the making, The C’ville Pin Up Show: Beauties for Brains.

“My mother, Dawn Thompson, was diagnosed with brain cancer in the spring of 2008,” explained Daphne in an email. “My maternal grandmother, grandfather, and great aunt all passed away from brain cancer. So, this is a very important cause for me.”

According to the press release by Firefish Gallery, 688,000 people were diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012 alone – a staggering statistic that should drive everyone to give and support this cause.

Daphne, a local make-up artist and hairstylist, and the daughter of local jazz musician John D’earth, was driven by her personal connection to use her skills and passions to raise awareness.

“I was trying to find a way that I could do something to bring awareness to brain cancer and to raise money as well. And I want to use my skills to facilitate that.”

Over the years, she contacted a handful of photographers about the project, and kept coming back to Jackson Smith, who she collaborated with in photo shoots for UVA Hospital.

“It seemed like the perfect choice, and I was so fortunate that he could do this project.” A fitting pairing indeed, as all proceeds for the event will be donated to the Emily Couric Cancer Center.

Inspiration for the shoot derives from Daphne’s passion and knowledge of Pin Up culture, and specifically Vargas prints from the 40’s and 50’s, with her personal modern twist. Daphne models for the shoot, as well as friends and locals, such as Sigrid Eilterson, FireFish Gallery owner.

daphne latham

Model: Daphne D’earth Latham | Photo Credit: Jackson Smith

“It was [Jackson’s] brilliant idea  to use vintage-type wall paper as backgrounds. He added each of those after that actual shot was done.”

Daphne is incredibly thankful for the people who helped her make this project come to life. “Everyone who has worked on the project has donated many hours of there time to make this happen, and I am very grateful.”

So come out tonight and support this great cause. The photographs will be available in a 2013 C’ville Pin Up Calendar, for sale at the event.


When: Tonight, December 6, at 7p
How much: $15 Admission at the door, with ALL proceeds benefiting the Emily Couric Cancer Center
Live music by John D’earth, husband to Dawn Thompson
Food provided by Hot Cakes