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The old saying goes, “Lightning never strikes the same place twice.” Thank God gigs aren’t as rare as lightning!

A month ago I booked an opening slot for the Donavon Frankenreiter show at The Jefferson Theater, which was a huge milestone in my music career. Not only was it the biggest and most professional venue I have played, but it was also a very pivotal time for me professionally and psychologically. I believe I can speak for most people when I say that sometimes when I get promoted in a BIG way, I can feel undeserving. But, that’s when I realize how hard I have worked at my music career for the past 6 years and that these are the “stages” of this journey.

Now, I am entering another stage in that journey.

Two weeks ago, I was offered an opening slot for Parachute, and immediately the disbelief washed over me in a wave of “PARACHUTE!?!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?” In case you don’t already know, Parachute, once Cville’s own Sparky’s Flaw, is a “top 40” band who sells out The Jefferson Theater. The disbelief turned into “holy-cow!”, and then into more “holy-cow, is this happening to me?!”

I have been a fan of Parachute’s music since I heard She is Love three and a half years ago when I moved to Charlottesville, and now I get to open for them. Talk about surreal! My music – mainstream sounding, upbeat, pop music – is a great match to open for them, and this show will be extra special, as I will be playing with a full band.

So come out tonight as Parachute plays through their debut album “Loosing Sleep” in full, plus their recent hits and some new ones. And, oh yeah, and me, Scott T.!

parachute the jefferson

Tonight is Part 1 of Parachute’s concert series. Tomorrow, catch opener Von Gray and Parachute as they play through their sophomore album “The Way It Was” in full.

Tickets are still available for either $18 a night, or $30 for both nights.

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