VA Film Festival Preview: It’s a Disaster

Posted on October 29, 2012 by


What happens with four couples find themselves holed up together with an apocalyptic disaster outside their door?

In stark contrast to last year’s Melancholia screening at The Virginia Film Festival, It’s a Disaster brings a comedic twist on the doomsday film.

The film follows four couples on a casual Sunday brunch drinking mimosas, relationship drama, and, oh yeah, a dash of impending doom. Tracy (Julia Stiles) is overwhelmed by her biggest fear – bigger than the apocalypse – what her friends will think of her new boyfriend Glenn (David Cross). Even the end of the world can’t stop these four couples from a little relationship therapy… or is it the trigger for the therapy?

it's a disaster

The Virginia Film Festival will screen It’s a Disaster on Saturday, November 3rd at 9:45pm at Regal 3 Downtown Mall. Get your ticket!