VA Film Festival Preview: Faces in the Mirror

Posted on October 29, 2012 by


In what promises to be a breathtaking visual and musical experience, Faces in the Mirror (created by Dave Matthews Band’s Boyd Tinsley) is a journey through the mystical culminating in an enlightened audiovisual experience.

“[Faces in the Mirror] dances. It’s a film that dances with the music and takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride that never let’s you go.” {synopsis}

When his father dies, Ben Fisher (Ryan Orr) returns home for his burial. On the day of the funeral, Ben travels through mysterious portals that transport him to otherworldly realms of existence where he meets interesting people and comes to terms with the troubling relationship he had with his father.

faces in the mirror

Boyd Tinsley, most prominently known as the violinist for the Dave Matthews Band and a native of Charlottesville, describes feeling a strong urge to make a movie, but little knowledge of an actual script. “I enjoy movies that make me feel something, that take me on an emotional journey…the kind of feelings that send chills through your bones.” Important to the conceptualization of the film was Dave Matthews Band’s management company, Red Light, and Ryan Fenton, the director of lighting for the band.

In the words of Tinsley, “all of us (the producers, director, screenwriter, crew, actors and extras) vibed off of this music. The music told us how the movie should feel and what it was about. This is how we made Faces in the Mirror.”

The Virginia Film Festival is screening Faces in the Mirror on Saturday, November 3rd at 2:30pm at Newcomb Hall Theater. There will be a discussion with Boyd Tinsley, Aaron Farrington, and Ryan Orr prior to the film. Get your tickets today!