VA Film Festival Preview: Chasing Ice

Posted on October 22, 2012 by


Whether or not you believe climate change is impacting our earth, Chasing Ice is certain to give you pause. Internationally renowned National Geographic photographer James Balog set up 25 cameras across the arctic region over a three-year period. They battled severe cold, shifting ice and dangerous terrain to capture one image an hour during daylight. Over several minutes, his images capture and display what would take months to see with the naked eye.

What they found was startling. The glaciers were literally disappearing before their eyes. While Balog came into this project a skeptic, what he found forever changed his perception of climate change and its impact.

chasing ice

On Friday, November 2nd, at 4:15pm, the Virginia Film Festival presents Chasing Ice at Newcomb Hall Theater. Join panelists Matthew Burtner, Jon Peede, David Smith, and Jeffrey Plank after the showing of the film for what promises to be a lively and thoughtful discussion.

Burtner, originally from Alaska, is an Associate Professor of composition and computer technologies at UVA. Peede is the publisher of the Virginia Quarterly Review, UVA’s magazine that focuses on current affairs, literature, history, criticism and long-form journalism. Smith, Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Environmental Sciences, UVA, will bring his interests, research background and knowledge of environmental issues to the panel. Finally, Plank, Associate Vice President for Research, UVA, has a vested interest in utilizing digital and social media to impact social awareness and change through his work with UVA Bay Game and other projects.

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