VA Film Festival Preview: House Hunting

Posted on October 20, 2012 by


Looking for a good thriller — something a little scarier in the Virginia Film Festival line-up?

In the movie House Hunting, two families become trapped at an isolated real estate open house. While attempts to leave only end with them being placed right back at the secluded house, they soon find out from a malevolent spirit and former owner of the property that only one of the families will be able to leave the property alive. Although the families initially try to work together to escape, their time spent trapped together only wears them down psychologically, until they are pushed to their breaking point and turn on each other.

Virginia Film Festival - House Hunting

The film features veteran actors Marc Singer (best known for the movie Beastmaster and the 80’s TV show V) and Art LaFleur (best known for Field of Dreams) as the fathers of the two families.

The Virginia Film Festival will be screening the film Saturday, November 3rd, at 10pm at the Paramount Theater on the downtown mall. The festival will also include a panel discussion featuring the actors Hayley DuMond, Art LaFleur, & Marc Singer and Eric Hurt, the director of the film. Get your tickets today!