Do it for the Dames

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Like any team of determined athletes, the Charlottesville Derby Dames will stop at nothing in the pursuit of victory, so much so that they are willing to sacrifice bruised limbs and even broken bones for the sake of the sport.

However, their sport is far from the expected. Much like Ellen Page in Whip It, the Derby Dames are the rulers of the rink, the tycoons of the track, the duchesses of derby.

Founded in 2007, the team consists of several local women who compete in derby bouts for several months out of the year. Due to the nature of roller derby, injuries are rampant and include broken bones, ligament tears and sprains. Ouch!

In order to alleviate the cost of the injured Dames’ medical bills, the organization is asking all C-villians to eat at Blue Moon Diner every Friday in October, of which 10% of the sales will be contributed to the Injured Skater Fund. Any funds help reduce the price these courageous women pay to represent Charlottesville all over the region.

Injured Skater Fund

Come out to support these ladies! 

Blue Moon Diner is located at 512 West Main Street, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 8am-10pm.

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