County Wide Red Carpet Event

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This Saturday, October 13th, there is a party going on at Blue Moon Diner and you’re all invited!

It’s the Country Wide Red Carpet Event, presented by County Wide Music, WNRN, 5th Season, and Blue Moon.

county wide music

Who doesn’t love a good party with live music? Plus, local folk/rock, gypsy, mountain music band Chamomile & Whiskey are shooting a music video! AND bringing a fellow Country Wide label band, Mister Baby, along for a boot stompin’ night. It’ll be a mighty ruckus of an evening with food, drinks, and a grab bag. Yup, you read correctly. Along with your $10 ticket to enter the heated outdoor tent, you get to have a go at the County Wide grab bag… kinda like a party favor for local music lovers.

Chamomile & Whiskey

Country Wide is “…at its heart, a gathering of talented friends whose mission is to collectively enrich and serve the Charlottesville and Central Virginia music scene through their own unique expressions.”

Judging by the other talented bands attached to this “label” (yes, pun intended), such as Pantherburn and Holy Bear, it can be safe to say they are serving the community a healthy dose of awesome music and rock star performances!

This event is going to be a loud and obnoxiously awesome time. So come out and be a part of the music video at the most beloved diner in Cville. The $10 ticket will be well worth worth it, and in a few months, you can pass around and post the Youtube link saying, “I’m IN this video!!!!”

That’s what we call Cville bragging rights!

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