More Milli Music

Posted on October 2, 2012 by


New coffeehouse Milli Joe kicked off it’s first round of live music in the last days of September, and it proved to be a great, up-and-coming, acoustic venue.

Milli continues to deliver great local artists this month starting on Wednesday, October 3rd with UVA grad turned town favorite, Shanna Hoar (yes, it’s pronounced how you think), and the promising sounds of Aimee Moody.

Shanna Hoar & Aimee Moody at Milli Joe 10.3 6-8pm

Shanna Hoar has been writing songs since she started playing guitar her freshman year of college. Three years later she performed her first solo show for all her friends and fellow classmates, and she now has headlined venues all around town lighting up the rooms with her bright, folk pop. Having had the opportunity to see Shanna’s live show, I can attest for her obvious love of performing.

“I wouldn’t write songs if I didn’t get to perform them,” she says. “Sometimes weeks go by and I’m totally unmotivated to pick up my guitar at all. But then I’ll perform and get this feeling that’s just like, ahhhhh this is what I was meant to do.”

Shanna performs songs that will make you bounce in your seat, fall out of it laughing so hard, or reflect on who you truly are inside. Her lyrical gift goes beyond average songwriting, as she is a master with wordplay and wit.

Aimee Moody is a familiar yet unlikely face around The Local’s monday night Songwriter Circle in Belmont. Unlikely because this rising name is a 16 year old junior attending Charlottesville High School, and although young, this talent has been playing and writing songs for over three years.

When most high schoolers spend their summers on the couch, at the beach, or grabbing fro-yo on the Downtown mall, this committed and assiduous songwriter attended a three week long summer workshop for Young Writers at UC Berkeley. She described her three weeks dedicated to songwriting as pure “bliss.” She said her favorite part was the “flood of inspiration” that she had just “upon going there.” Aimee will be performing some of these songs as well as the favorites that first caught our ears.

Both Shanna and Aimee will be performing two 30 minute sets between 6-8pm, so if you only can make it for part of it you should be able to catch them both.

Wednesdays at Milli may start to become the new night for acoustic lounging. So come tickle your taste buds with a Prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato, pesto sandwich and a fresh pulled espresso, then sit yourself in a big comfy leather chair and enjoy an evening of great local, live music.