A Taste of the James River

Posted on September 27, 2012 by


Over the past few years, Central Virginia has become a fertile business ground for new breweries. A new brewery that has recently added itself to the Virginia landscape is the James River Brewing Company. Located about 20 miles south of Charlottesville in Scottsville, James River Brewing is a small brewery that is a result of work by a trio of guys (Dustin Caster, Christopher Kyle, & Chris Roelofs). The business has not only created a strong foothold in its hometown, but is already beginning to be noticed by others from around the surrounding area.

As a newly stamped brewery, although they only just opened up at the start of September, the crew behind this operation already has a tasting room open Monday through Thursday from 3-9p with 6 beers on tap to choose from, with several more creations on the way.

The brewery is currently housed in an 1830’s brick building, which is currently being remodeled for the brewery. Although breweries are aplenty in our area, the James River Brewery may stand out from others in their ingenuity.

James River Brewing


The founders of the brewery are keen on pursuing sustainability methods and taking steps towards having a green building. Currently, they are working on reusing waste water from the production of the beer, and hope to use the water for a rooftop garden, which would create produce for local food hubs.

All in all, there is still plenty ahead for the brewery, but they already seem to have a head start. So stop by and enjoy a taste of the James River!