Pure Joy for Pure Barre

Posted on May 8, 2012 by


This June, a new workout phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation is opening its doors in
Charlottesville. The newest Pure Barre franchise, an intense pilates-type workout centered around
a ballet barre, is owned by Valerie Morini, a social and digital media strategy consultant who
stumbled upon fitness and found her calling. Cville Niche sat down to ask her some questions about what
Charlottesville residents can expect once Pure Barre Charlottesville opens its doors.

pure barre logo

How did you get into fitness?

I was actually a rower at Virginia. I was injured for a lot of it. I got a back injury that lasted past my collegiate career, and then I started teaching spinning and then got into yoga. I was actually working for Lululemon and was doing community development when I started doing PureBarre and the owners approached me and asked if I was interested in opening a franchise.

Are you trained in fitness?

Outside of rowing I was a sports marketing intern, and I was a spinning instructor and group fitness certified. It’s a little rarer to find a PureBarre instructor, because you can’t go to training to becoming one unless you are sent by an owner. I gathered my team and took everyone to the headquarters in Denver for the training. Everyone at the franchise is trained directly from the source.

Can you describe PureBarre in five words?

Isometric movement reshaping your body.

What exactly is PureBarre?

It is isometric movements. You work each muscle in your body in different segments of the class. We work parts of your body to exhaustion and then stretch them out to create long lean muscle. There will be dynamic, total body warm ups and focus on the thighs for a set of exercises. Then stretch it out, then work the seat, then do abs, then stretch that out. It’s pretty intensive, it’s not a light workout. It all happens over a fifty five minute class. You don’t get the same class every day.

Where does the barre work into this?

It’s used mainly as a soft of balance and leverage tool. It’s not a ballet class at all, it has some inspiration from ballet, but it is more an athletic approach to pilates.

How is PureBarre different from other new workout crazes?

It’s a hybrid form of exercise. It really works every muscle and is very intense. I’m an athlete, and I’ve never had something that works every muscle to exhaustion. I can’t do PureBarre and go for a run. The classes are for all levels, but you can take it to different levels yourself. We guide you through the exercise, and then the music goes up and you work in your own zone. For athletes it is great to complement. It’s strength that’s not heavy weight throwing. It is good for people who don’t work out. It’s not super flowy, but it is low impact and low risk. We are focused on building muscle and improving strength.

When is your projected opening day?

We are planning on opening in early June, or in the last week of May. You can find us at 2200 Old Ivy Road.