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Drew Morris, of the band “In Technicolor,” wanted to build a band in a market where there were great venues open to all ages. He envisioned a culture where music was still regarded as an entertainment medium and a vital part of the nightlife, and from this vision he moved to Charlottesville with a group of friends. “You rarely find this setup outside of your LA, or NYC, but Charlottesville certainly fits the bill,” he explains. Drew and his band also hope that with a market the size of Charlottesville, it would be easier to establish and brand the band and create a buzz.

Drew had hoped to form a band for four or five years. However, it took Drew until early 2008 to find a set of musicians who could “really bring the full painting to life,” as Drew recalls. “In Technicolor” spent the first few months after their inception playing locally, honing their skills for live performance. In the past two years, the band has developed a substantial reputation and regularly plays markets in Northern Virginia, Harrisonburg, Richmond, and Charlottesville. Additionally, the band travels to New York twice a year.

“I think our sound has gotten a bit more electronic and the rock tunes are more dance-fused,” says Drew of the band’s evolution.

However, Drew assures that fans can still count on “killer melodies and harmonies because they will always be part of the focus.” “In Technicolor” shows are known to be upbeat and entertaining. The band likes to think that the shows are more of “an experience” than just live music. Drew promises lots of dancing both on stage and off, as well as tambourine shakin’ accompanied with loud guitars.

Along with the killer melodies and harmonies come the lyrics. For Drew, lyrics always come last. They follow the melody and song vibe. “I’ll usually just use a scratch lyric I was humming while writing, and then build a theme around that,” says Drew. However, Drew is not one to sugarcoat. He is very authentic in his prose. “I don’t try to be the next Walt Whitman because I’m not.” It is important that his personality is shown through the lyrics, and, in Drew’s eyes, “My personality is my band, and my band is my personality.”

For now, Drew is just trying to focus on “In Technicolor” without spreading himself too thin with other music side projects. Charlottesville will continue to see the band play at local venues. Fortunately for Charlottesville, the band is fond of The Southern. “If you can pack it out, it’s such a great environment and the energy is amazing,” confesses Drew. The H&M-clad band will continue to play their shows and make audience members feel as though the performance is an experience–not just any old show.

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-Jenni Lyman

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